Homecoming: DO's and DONT's

As homecoming season is in full effect, you must prepare yourself for all of the possible outcomes that homecoming can bring. While reading this list, make sure to truly internalize it, here are five things to DO and five things you DON'T do during homecoming week:

  1. DO Dress to impress. Now while you should dress for the comfort of whatever setting you’ll be in, it’s homecoming. In the AUC on an average Wednesday, girls will be popped out so what makes you think homecoming is the time to let up? FOOT ON THEY NECKS SZN. 

  2. DO leave with your friends. this is pretty common knowledge even for regular parties or occasions, but during homecoming, it is imperative to follow this rule. During homecoming, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of alumni, city locals and just people who pour into a homecoming for the fun of it all. You should leave with your friends whether they’re intoxicated or not for the purpose of safety! Never walk alone or be alone during this week. 

  3. DO keep a charged phone. THIS IS IMPORTANT, walking around tailgate with a dead phone is a major no. You’ll be surrounded by people under the influence, and you yourself may be under the influence, therefore, being without a phone isn’t safe.  Stay off Instagram and enjoy the events. 

  4. DO Share your location. While some may this step is extreme, it is simply a safety precaution. If you share your location with a trusted friend or partner, they can know where you are if something is to occur. 

  5. DO have money/keep cash. While most people don’t typically walk around with cash anymore, it’s important to have money because most tailgate tables will take cash instead of cards. Although overall, it’s just important to have money because tailgate is an expensive week.     

  1. DON'T forget to eat. This is self-explanatory; if you’re going to be drinking…PLEASE EAT. Don’t be the person who passes out at the event, it’s not cute.

  2. DON'T skip class. I feel like this is the most important rule of the DOS and DONTS. While it may feel hard to get up, especially if you have early classes, it’s still important to go.

  3. DON'T be THAT person. By that person, I’m talking about the girl (or guy) doing the most because it’s homecoming. Homecoming lasts a week, but what you do during homecoming can affect the rest of your life. Play it safe.

  4. DON'T be in everyone’s face. Similar to the previous DON’T, it’s acceptable to network with alumni of your college or university, but don’t be thirsty. Everyone is at homecoming to have a good time, not to be irritated.

  5. DON'T drink and drive. While it may seem convenient so you don’t have to pay for an uber or any rides, it’s not worth risking your life or your passenger's lives.  Would you rather pay that $5-7 to get up the street or risk your own life for a week that will always come and go?


Be safe and have a great time! Happy Homecoming season.