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Within the past week, I have read three books. Yes, in seven days I have read three 300 paged books. I have been reading books by the infamous Zane. I know that I am late but those books were published when I was a child and my mother would not let me read books in that genre at a young age. For those who don’t know, Zane publishes erotica stories. Becoming a New York Times-Bestseller, her book Addicted became a film and her book Zane: The Sex Chronicles was turned into a screenplay as well. These last seven days I read Addicted, Nervous and The Other Side Of The Pillow. In this article, I will be discussing the books.  


For successful African-American businesswoman Zoe Reynard, finding the delight she needs, the manner in which she needs it, isn’t justified regardless of the danger of losing all that she has: marriage to the man she has cherished since they were children, a flourishing business, three great kids. In any case, Zoe feels powerless in the grasp of an overwhelming addiction…to sex. Finding a therapist to encourage her, Zoe at long last gathers the strength to disclose to her torrid story, a story of blame and want as stunning as it is convincing. From the delicate artist with whom she spends stolen hours on rumpled sheets to the harsh and vicious man who draws her toward obliteration, Zoe is a lady urgently hunting down satisfaction – and something darker, more profound, and may be lethal. As her life turns crazy and her sexual ventures convey her toward a hazardous decision, Zoe is hustling against time to reveal the wellspring of her “lethal fascination” – as chilling mysteries tumble forward from the openings of a lady’s brain, and dangerous allurements lead toward a peak that can undermine her rational soundness, her marriage…and her life.


A story of a lady with a split identity. Jonquinette has dependably been nervous around men, however on the ends of the week her change inner self, Jude goes on serious sexual ventures. At the point when Jonquinette looks for the assistance of Dr. Marcella Spencer, the specialist Zane began in her best-selling novel Addicted, Jude’s reaction is to go on a sexual frenzy. Meanwhile, Jonquinette ends up keen on her new neighbor, Mason, however, Jude has no expectation of giving Jonquinette a chance to become hopelessly enamored – not when Jude’s having a great time.

The Other Side Of The Pillow

Jemistry Daniels is an intense lady and not endeavoring to shroud it. Despite the fact that she is delightful, wise, and makes six figures per year as a principal in Washington, DC, one man after another has fizzled her. So she chooses to surrender and join the gathering by adjusting the whole “Friends With Benefits” attitude with a few men that she beds on the consistent however declines to hold any sort of genuine discussion with, in dread that she may really get attached.

Everything is working out as expected until the point when she meets Dr. Tevin Harris, a vascular specialist, one night at a poetry slam. Tevin tunes in to her convey her male-bashing sonnet and as opposed to controlling far from her like most men with any good judgment would do, he asks her out. Tevin has been calmly dating for a considerable length of time, as far back as his fizzled marriage to Estella. They had endured a few miscarriages and the enthusiastic torment had turned out to be excessively for both of them to hold up under and still wake up with one another each morning.

Opening up, picking up trust, tearing down hindrances, and at last, having the boldness to adore again isn’t simple for either Jemistry or Tevin. It takes a ton of straightforwardness, passionate genuineness, and persistence to try and start to construct a coexistence by helping each other revamp what has been broken. The Other Side of the Pillow looks at, investigates, and uncovered what it intends to genuinely become hopelessly enamored. It demonstrates that intimate romance stories don’t have an upbeat completion. Intimate romance stories never end by any means.

Between all three books my favorite is Nervous, the storyline was very different and the whole time I was reading the story I wondered how would it end. Will Jude leave Jon’s (Jonquniette) body? So many questions were racing through my mind. Thankfully they were answered. Each story is literally a roller coaster, you have no clue what you are in for. I am still reading Zane books. I ordered the next book Vengeance which is after Nervous. Reading these books has most definitely given me the motivation to start writing my books. Within this week I for in fact did start my own erotica. Having more than 15 people read what I have thus far and they all said that I should continue. After I finish this book I am most definitely going to consider on getting it published.


Hey! I am Terri Blige a Senior English Major with a Concentration of Creative Writing at Thee Clark Atlanta University. I am from Connecticut. I am proud to say that I am a writer for HerCampusCAU
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