A Fat Girl Food Review: Milk and Honey

Clark Atlanta’s homecoming was this past week and I enjoyed just about every second of it. From the tear-jerking Gospel Explosion to the show-stopping concert, this homecoming was one for the books. To close out the week, my friends and I decided to have brunch on Sunday afternoon.


We were undecided on where to go until we viewed the Instagram story of a mutual friend. She posted a picture of her plate right when it was brought to the table, and another right after she ate. There was not a crumb left in sight. In another post, she stated the mimosas there were “fire.” When looking at the location tag, we noticed that it said Milk and Honey, a restaurant we previously discussed interest in trying, so we finally took the leap.


Milk and Honey has several locations throughout Atlanta, but we went to the one on Cascade Road which is about a 15-20 minute drive from CAU’s campus. They open up at 10 am sharp, and we were advised to get there as soon as they open as the wait will be long otherwise. Now, we had full intentions of doing this, but we all slept through our alarms and ended up arriving at around 12 pm. 

Although the wait was 40 minutes to an hour-long, it was well worth it. The energy of the restaurant is very welcoming, and it felt like I was just eating amongst family. Once seated, we were greeted by our very friendly server who ensured that all of our requests were seen through.


She started us off with drinks. Since I’m currently only drinking water, that’s what I ordered. My two friends; who are of age, ordered a pitcher of strawberry lemonade mimosa per our server’s advice. Judging by the looks on their faces after they took their first sip, they were not let down. They sang their praises, and could not put their cup down.


When it came to ordering food I was a little stumped. On the menu, there is a list of 12 dishes that they are known for. 8/12 of those dishes involved seafood. I do not eat seafood, so I was left wondering what was left for me and if it would be enjoyable. I can tell you right now that every bit of my food was delicious.


All three of us wanted to try a little bit of everything, so I order their milk and honey waffles with chicken, their cheesy hashbrowns, and some bacon. My other friends ordered half of their milk and honey waffles, half red velvet waffles with chicken, eggs, and bacon, and their red velvet chicken and waffles with lobster and seared shrimp. Even though we wanted to, we could not finish our food, but we got a taste of everything.

So lets us start with the waffles. Their self titled milk and honey waffles are buttermilk waffles with cinnamon and brown sugar infused in them. I’m typically not a cinnamon person, but those waffles were amazing. Their red velvet waffles were a beautiful deep red color drizzled in what tasted like cream cheese frosting. I know I said we couldn’t finish all of our food, but they both ate all of their waffles. One of my friends described the waffles as “fluffy, melt in your mouth goodness.” If that’s not a stellar review, then I don’t know what is!

Their bacon was crisp and tasted exactly like how one would expect bacon to taste. The cheesy hashbrowns didn’t look too appealing at first glance, but they’re the true definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” They were shoestring hashbrowns topped with shredded cheese. The spices played perfectly with the potatoes, and the cheese was able to cut through the starchiness of them as well. They were so amazing that one of my friends ordered some to go! 


The chicken strips that came with the chicken and waffles were cooked perfectly. Chicken can toe a fine line between too crispy, and just right, and they definitely hit the nail on the head with those. My friend thoroughly enjoyed her lobster and shrimp. I tasted it, and although I’m not a seafood eater, I must admit that whatever spices they used to season the shrimp were amazing.


When it comes to their prices, I think they fall in the mid-range. $5.75 for a waffle with three strips of fried chicken is a steal, and $3.75 per side is decent. We all ended up paying around $30-$40 for our food. In reality, we each ordered quite a bit of food, so the price wasn’t too far off. They do, however, charge a 20% service fee. I’ve only seen people charge this for bigger groups of patrons, but it was only three of us.


All in all, I undoubtedly recommend everywhere to stop by Milk and Honey. My only suggestion is that you block off the rest of your day so you can sleep through the massive food coma this place will give you. If you’re looking for yummy food, a good vibe, and exceptional service at a reasonable price, then Milk and Honey is right up your alley. If you're interested, here's a link to their website.