Do’s & Don’ts of Nightly Strolls at CAU

When you’re living down the street from the CNN Center, minutes away from downtown Atlanta, and can spot a celebrity from a mile away, you would most definitely think there’s no place in the world like Clark Atlanta! As you know, our campus is in the heart of the city where, unfortunately, vehicles and local citizens can pass freely. 

Even though the campus has police officers on hand, their eyes alone cannot patrol everything and everyone. However, you can prevent most situations by being aware of your surroundings and sticking to the buddy-system. Listed below are a few locations where you’ll need to be the most alert at night.


The Library

The Woodruff Library, also known as Club Woody, is shared among five schools within the area: Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, Morehouse School of Medicine, and the Interdenominational Theological Center. This study jungle is fairly crowded throughout the school year, especially during the exam weeks. With everyone studying at the same time, this place is one of the AUC’s busiest hotspots.

Don’t: Since the library is surrounded by local homeowners, one step in the wrong direction can easily be considered trespassing. Also, walking down unfamiliar streets by yourself or with a group is definitely a big no, no!

Do: When leaving the library, walk with at least one person on your way back to the dorms. Make sure all electronic devices are non-visible to the eye and when carrying a bag keep it close to your body.


The Student Center

It’s the one place on campus that houses everything from “the cafe”, the bookstore, the rec room, and other essentials!

Don’t: Although there’s less activity at night, checking for funds at the outside ATM after sunset is scary!! When night falls, you never know whose eyes are watching your every move, so be careful.

Do: Be mindful of the people that pass through the campus and keep your belongings close to you.


Residential Halls

Welcome to your home away from home! Your residence hall is your safe haven to let your hair down and be yourself, there’s no judgment here ladies! You can walk around in slippers, face masks, host watch parties, and more!   

Don’t:  Every student knows that their Paw Card (ID card) is like the golden ticket to accessing many places on campus such as the cafe, the library, and more specifically, your dorm. Nevertheless, this right is only given to the students and should be taken seriously. Residents of the surrounding neighborhood can easily present themselves as students and gain access to buildings. Whenever you leave the door slightly open, for example, this gives anyone the opportunity to enter you and other students’ home. How would you explain that to your mom and dad? Or worse… your dorm director?

Do: Whenever you are exiting the building, be sure to close the door and be cautious of blind spots that are not covered by lampposts. 

College life is fun and we want to keep it that way, but always be aware of your campus and the surrounding community for your safety.