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CAU Exclusive: Makea Burton!

Many women of Clark can be seen as mentors for the underclassmen and uphold a lifestyle that is very busy; Trying to balance work and on campus actuvites. Well meet Makeda Burton, D.C native with a major in Business who seamlessly does it all. Find out below her plans after college, her favorite song and a little about why she choose Clark Atlanta University.


Meet Makeda Burton

Hometown: Washington D.C

Major: Business 

Classification: Senior, Class of 2017 

IG: @_kedaaa

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Brie: What are some ways you express yourself?

Makeda: I express myself through singing, dancing and helping others. I do after-care after school. I love kids and I’ve been singing in different chiors and church since was young. I stopped but I did do one pageant here at Clark. Now that I’m president of the campus activities I’m usually planning a lot of things and don’t have the time to sing like I use to. When I do get the chance to it do it it’s definitely like my outlet. 


Brie: What are 3 words that could describe your personality.

Makeda: I would say, goofy. Motivational just because I help a lot fo people with their probelms. I’m like a mentor to a lot of people and lastly I would say, calm and mellow. I’m kind of an intervert but I’m an observer. A lot of people think I’m quiet but you just have to get to know me. 


Brie: How would you describe your style?

Makeda: I would say I’m more girly. I don’t usually wear tennis shoes and if I do I’ll only wear Converses. I love heels…skirts and dresses. And if do wear jeans then I’ll dress it up. 


Brie: So being that your style is girly, do you wear makeup as well?

Makeda: No, I don’t wear makeup at all. Only really lipstick… and mascara!


Brie: Which celebrity would you love to spend the day with and why?

Makeda: Beyonce! She just has so much poise and she’s very humble. With this new album we see more of her but I know there’s more to her so I would would like to spend the day with her and really see how she is. I have a lot of favorite songs by her but I could listen to Pray You Catch Me all day. Like if I’m driving it get’s me calm. I’m already doing a lot so it keeps me level headed.


Brie: Are you spirtual or religious? You mentioned before being level headed and I know a lot people say their religion does that for them as well.

Makeda: Yes, yes I am. I’m Baptist, I actually just joined a church, The Dream Center so I’ve been going a lot and if I don’t go then I watch it on Facebook Live. 


Brie: What makes you feel at peace?

Makeda: Sometimes I feel at peace by just being at the house alone. Like I do a lot of stuff on campus and outside of campus so sometimes just sitting down in the house or bed just relaxing and thinking. Not worrying about school work or work. Or sometimes I’ll just FaceTime my family, but lately I’ve been so busy with senior year stuff so I don’t do it as often. 

(Source: Instagram) A busy-bee she is, Ms. Burton holds the position as President of Campus Activities Board, a member of CAU’s Panther Diamonds, a community activist, a championship cheerleader coach, and a member of the National Black MBA Association.

Brie: What’s your favorite childhood movie and why?

Makeda: As a child I did always watch Major Payne. It was just something I watched a lot. Or actually The Cheetah Girls! I’m 6 out of 7 childern, so me and a few of my silbings would act out The Cheetah Girls a lot and I was Adrienne. I love her she was into fashion and she sang well. My grandparents had 7 childern as well and my mom was the only singer out of them and that’s just like me, I’m the singer out of the siblings.  


Brie: What is your most replayed song in your playlist?

Makeda: Khalid, Location. *starts singing Location* Haha.


Brie: What song do you know most of the lyrics to? You know every single word and you never mess up when it comes on. 

Makeda: It’s funny because when I went to Miami last year a Lil Wayne song came on, Mrs.Officer my friends would record me and when they play it they already knew it was my song.


Brie: Beyonce concert front row seats, backstage as well or shaking Barack Obama’s hand?

Makeda: Hmmm. Shaking Barack’s hand, I love Beyonce,but this is the 1st Black president. We came a long way so I would love to shake his hand.


Brie: What woud you say to former President Barack if you had that chance?

Makeda: First I would just want to thank him for all his accomplishments, because he set the standard. I would ask him at what point did you feel like he wanted to be the president. Like did he know he was going to become president and make all these changes and just be the change for the world, today. Or did he have that feeling like I need to be president and make these changes. 


Brie: Would you also try to talk to Michelle Obama?

Makeda: Yes, yes! At my middle school in D.C, she had her Get Me Bodied event there. But, I was already in high school at that time. But if I met her I would definitley ask her about the fitness program she started and being a Black woman in such a high position. Like how does she feel about being the First Black Lady. And also, career wise. She was one of the top lawyers and she’s Black so just seeing how she accomplished that. 


Brie: What does the American Dream mean to you?

Makeda: Education. In other countries a lot of people aren’t able to get a lot of things, because of their education. And another thing is colleges. Like when Obama started this thing where if you weren’t born in America he still helped people go through college. But, Trump is kind of stopping that now. It’s also coming together and learning new things/different languages. Also being able to enjoy learning a different lifestyle. 


Brie: Tell me about your biggest achievement.

Makeda: I would say my biggest achievement was coming to Clark Atlanta University because my parents didn’t finish college. Out of all my mom’s childern I was the 2nd one to go to college. So I kinda set an example for my little sister and now she’s in college. And just also being so involved on campus and I’m always helping out in any way I can. I feel like I’m doing different things and setting that example. 


Brie: What would you tell your 16 year old self now?

Makeda: Study more. It’s a lot of information out there in the world.  When I was younger I never really paid attention to what was going on, so being more alert with the news and just everything around me. 


Brie: Why did you decide to attend CAU?

Makeda: CAU was my very first choice. I went on a college tour and went to 5 different universities in 3 days. But I already knew I was going to Clark. I was in high school and I have a cousin that graduated from here, she works for Turner Broadcasting in the Finacne department so I was just like oh she came down here and got a great career. And plus I’m a ciy girl I didn’t want to go too far and Atlanta was the best place. I also did my research and Clark had the best business program. After doing the research I called and actually got accpeted over the phone. Because they were asking me to fax one more paper and ended up saying “So you got in!” My mom was right there and I was just so excited. 

(Source: Instagram) A glam shot of Ms.Burton preparing for her cap and gown portrait

Brie: What are your plans after college?

Makeda: I plan on working with a company, I have an offer back home in D.C but I don’t know if I want to go back home. Like I want to expereince new things that’s why I didn’t go to school in D.C. I want to work at Turner and I’m also looking at Boeing. I also do hair and love working with childern. So I’m also thinking of a business that kind of merges the two with childern and business. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. 


Brie: Do you feel like CAU has perpared you for the real world?

Makeda: Yes, I do. Coming in as a freshman I thought I knew a lot, so just taking different classes and the B School has done a lot bringing a lot of companies here, mock interviews and just perparing me. And also with history classes, I’m taking marriage and family classes as an elective and I’m learning so much about Black culture. Because you know in high school, it’s like they teach you what they want to teach you not your history. When I came here for college I just learned so much about myself and my history. I don’t think I’ve would’ve gotten that from another school. Learning the service, the knowledge and just everything it’s a very humbling experience. I’ve learned a lot about teamwork from stepping freshman year for Merner Hall and even with the B School they make you do a lot of presentations. Every class I’ve taken it has perpared me tremendously. I’m really grateful. 


Thank you for letting HCCAU interview you, Makeda! Stay tuned for more to come, xo! 

Brie Black is a sophomore at Georgia State University, majoring in Journalism. Coming from Farmington Hills, MI, Brie enjoys a good book, spoken word, working out and studying God's word. Nothing can stop Brie from reaching her goals, her ambition and strong relationship with God keeps her willing to create the best content for her readers and make it as an editor-in-chief of her future magazine line. Along with being a writer and blogger, Brie is apart of Pretty Girls Sweat and Pinky Promise. You can keep up with Brie on all social media platforms @allthingsbrie and LinkedIn.
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