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Amani Southerland, Miss Freshman!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.


Name: Amani Southerland

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Major: Criminal Justice 

Classifcation: Freshman

IG: amanimonet._

Zodiac sign: Scoripo

Relationship Stauts: Single

What are some ways you express yourself? Prior to coming to Clark, I was a dancer. Mostly expressed myself through art. I like to write and draw, but when it comes to expressing mysefl in front of others, I would pefer dancing. I started dancing at the age of 3 with hip hop, jazz and african and towards my later years I did ballet.

What celebrity would you love to spend a day with and why? I would love to spend a day with Diggy Simmons, because I already met him a millon times and were close. But, also Drake because he’s a scroipo and everything he says connects to me. I would love to go to an asmenuemnt park with him. 

How did you meet Diggy? I’m from New York and his barbershop is right where I live. My mom and his mom Justine are actually really close. 

Pick 3 words that describe your personality. Storng minded, open minded and motivated.

How would you describe your style? My style is more of an urban look, being from New York. Ever since I came to Goergia I’ve been dressing differently. It’s a whole different vibe down here. Like in NY we don’t wear heels because we walk everywhere. But I would perfer a sneaker over a heel. A nice jean jacket over a peacoat is more towards something I like. But if it’s simple I would like to wear it in a way no one esle has worn it before. Also, being Miss Freshman I have to stay over more to the girly-girl side and more professional. A lot of girls where crop tops and short skirts but I don’t wear that. 

Favorite childhood movie? Why? Mine would be Cheetah Girls. It’s my favorite movie probaly because when they started coming out, it was the time I started to have real freinds around me and we always acted like we were them. So in a way it showed me true sisterhood. We had a play at my school actually and I was Raven and I had a lot of fun. 

What makes you feel at peace? Why? Music. Because I just think music is amazing, just one lyric can be interrupted in different ways. I listen to music befoe I go to sleep and it’s usualky Gospel or RnB. When I’m sad I still listen to those two, but then when I wanna wake up I listen to rap.

Tell me about your biggest achievement. Becoming Miss Freshman, and I had a plan to become Miss Freshman before I got accpeted. 

Your most replayed song in your playlist is? Probaly Bryson Tiller, Self Righteous or Beyonce, Pray If You Catch Me.

What song do you know most of the lyrics to? Any Drake song, even from way back.

Beyonce concert, front row seats and backstage access or shaking the President’s hand at an event? Shaking the President’s hand! Beyonce is here to stay, if i get that chance to shake a Obama’s hand. that would be great. 

If you could only say one word for a day what would it be? Stop, I’m just like “stooopp”. 

Why did you choose CAU? I choose CAU because when I came to visit it drew me. It made me feel at home and I didn’t want to feel like I needed to go home and visit all the time. CAU had a different game plan for me. It wasnt even like HBCU HBCU, but it’s like they are actually educating you. And the way we learn here reminds me of the way I learned back at home. Also Atlanta just seemed like the place to be. 

What would you tell your 16 year old self now? Behave, pay attention and stay foucsed. 

What celebrity do you feel like most represents you? Beyonce, but I’m more of the Sasha Fierce side. She’s just a good role model and you can never tell what’s going on in her real life, because she always has it together. And that respresnts me. 

What does the American Dream mean to you? Just to be weathly and I mean I can buid and invest into something else. It’s more of not struggling and having enough. 

Thank you Amani for allowing Her Campus CAU to interview you!


Brie Black is a sophomore at Georgia State University, majoring in Journalism. Coming from Farmington Hills, MI, Brie enjoys a good book, spoken word, working out and studying God's word. Nothing can stop Brie from reaching her goals, her ambition and strong relationship with God keeps her willing to create the best content for her readers and make it as an editor-in-chief of her future magazine line. Along with being a writer and blogger, Brie is apart of Pretty Girls Sweat and Pinky Promise. You can keep up with Brie on all social media platforms @allthingsbrie and LinkedIn.