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All Hail for Au Naturale

Don’t you ever have that feeling when you see someone rocking their natural hair for the first time in a while? How about when it’s one your favorite icons you admire wear their curls to express their natural beauty? Well, two of our favorite icons of all time: Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Union are rocking their natural hair and we just can’t get enough of it.

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady has warmed our hearts for every collegiate since we first seen her alongside Former President Barack Obama back in 2008. We watched the evolution of First Lady’s (she’s still our First Lady to us) hair change within the 8 years President Obama was in office. After the departure and them leaving us for a long-awaited vacation, the viral photo that swept the internet was her out-and-about with her hair pulled into a low ponytail in its natural estate. Have we ever seen her like this?! HELL NO! But, it’s refreshing to see all sides of her and what is amazing about her is that she’s been natural since 2009 and we didn’t even know that.  Who would’ve known except her stylist and the internet went even crazier when she appeared at an event with an all-defined twist-out hairstyle wearing an elegant gown.  She never fails to do whatever she wants to do with little or no effort and she executes perfectly.


Gabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union has been one our favorite icons for many years and being a current one for many collegiates as she portrays Mary Jane Paul from “Being Mary Jane”. But, she shocked us once again when there was an Instagram post of her with a partial half-up-half-down look rocking her natural hair while promoting the recent collaboration with New York and Company. This past week she has been marketing her collection while using her natural hair to complete the look. Just like First Lady Michelle, Union has been natural for many years we just never knew.

Sometimes people forget the meaning of “all hair is good hair” because we just think other races have good hair except black hair, when the GAG is that black hair is just as good if not better hair than our counterparts. Many black women tend to use weaves, wigs, braids, and other protective styles to protect their precious curls and we are here for it. Nothing beats a good head of hair, but it’s even better when it’s their own hair we see being used. Salute to these lovely ladies for showing us that you can be beautiful in all ways. All Hail for Au Naturale!

credit:lisaalamode.com and jezebel.com


Hey everyone, my name is Yasmyne Fisher. I'm currently the President/Co-Campus Correspondent at Clark Atlanta University. I am a graduating senior, majoring in Fashion Design. My passion is writing on what people want to read, whether it is fashion, pop culture, being black in America you name it I love giving my perspective of a college student to readers.
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