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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Finally, the school year is coming to an end after students have matriculated through another school year. Underclassmen are finding their way and seniors are making their way out. I got to interview senior Amiya Crockram, Clark Atlanta’s 32 Miss CAU. She dropped some gems about how to be successful as underclassmen. 

Can you give me a brief introduction of who you are?  am Amiya Cockram, graduating senior, mass media arts major from Chicago, Illinois.  I have aspirations to open a nonprofit to help end the school-to-prison pipeline.”


What was your main goal coming into college? “[To gain] experience, grow [and to] learn something. I just knew right after high school you go to college. My parents didn’t play that. My dad attended an HBCU (Historically Black College and University) so I had to go to an HBCU.”


What advice do you have for any freshman coming into Clark with those same goals and ambitions? “To trust the process. Not everyone’s journey is the same. You’ll be sitting next to ppl who do not make it to the end. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. Just make sure your goals and what you have planned in life is aligned with you. Go through the motions. You’re gonna get sick of it, but that’s all a part of the process. Growing and learning.”

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Any general advice for underclassmen? “Take your time don’t rush anything because your college years go by really fast. Live in the moment for real. Live in the moment, [and] take your time.”


What are some hiccups you faced as an underclassman? “My faith was tested just because I was away from home — I’m from Chicago.”


How’d you overcome your adversities? “Literally being around my friends and my mentees. I was doing this for my family and my nieces, it wasn’t for me. I realized I had people watching me, so I had to get it together. I had to keep pushing. I had a goal, I had to accomplish it. One thing about college is you have to learn how to adapt. The goal is really never to quit.”

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Are there any taboos that underclassmen should watch out for during their matriculation? “I’m not gone say don’t procrastinate because I’m a procrastinator. Before you go party, before you have fun make sure your work is done. Even if you’re doing your work at a party, make sure your work is done because you pay $36,000 to attend this school make your money work. Utilize your professors, talk to them, literally talk to everyone on that campus. The custodians even those cutting grass. Make those connections because somebody can look out for you.”


What are some things underclassmen should do to be involved on campus? “Go to the organizational fairs, [and] follow people on Instagram. We [the seniors] know the ins and outs, [so] asks [us] questions. Follow the OG’s (@cauogs on Instagram), SGA (@causga1988 on instagram), [and] inbox anybody from the royal court. If you want to get somewhere and you want to be somebody you have to study the greats.”


You have many college successes, especially becoming miss CAU. What advice do you have for underclassmen aspiring be as successful as you are?  “I would say just stick to a goal, have a goal [and] have a plan. I believe in manifestation. Faith without work is dead. I have a journal. Instead of saying you will do this, I put it in a journal that I will.”


Any royal court suggestions for those who hope to be mister or misses? “You would have to have endless love for your institution. Do not vie to be anything if your heart is not in it.”


How do you suggest underclassmen deal with the stressors of college and graduate in four years or less? “Stress is always going to come. There will always be stress. You have to learn how to manage it. I mean by time management, [and] writing things down. Have accountability partners. Literally writing things down, not just having it in your brain. Talk to someone, don’t think you’re doing this alone. Have alone time, [and] find time where it’s just you. Whether that be singing, painting or watching your favorite movie. It’s not just work, work, work. You have to find time for your mental health as well.” 


When it’s all said in done what is the most important thing you want underclassmen to know? “You will never stop finding a way or making one. The school’s motto is literally going to be instilled in you for the rest of your life. You have to promise to never stop finding a way or making one.”


Are there any regrets you had in school? “Um, not necessarily regrets but I wish I would have lived in the moment more, and just took everything in.”


How can any underclassmen keep up with you? FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM (@amiya.jabrea). I’m always available, [and] I’m always available to help out. If you want my number just reach out to me personally. If I have the answers, I’ll give them to you, and if I don’t I will definitely find someone else that can give them to you.”


India Rice, 19, is a Mass Media major at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University.