8 Signs You Are A Netflix Junkie

Who doesn't want to Netflix and Chill? Netflix is pretty much a staple for college students but do you know when enough is enough? Here's 8 signs you are a Netflix junkie that will let you know if you are addicted.

1. You Can Recommend At Least 7 Shows and Movies for Each Genre. Yes, your friend is new to Netflix. Yes, they want recommendations but what is your excuse for knowing half of the horror section off the top of your head? Why is that you think all of the independent movies "aren't that bad"?

2. You Binge Watch an Entire Series in Under a Week. So what if there's only four seasons of Orange Is the New Black? How did you manage to watch all four in just seven days? It may be a talent, it may be a skill or you may need to seek help.

3. You Deleted All Your Apps to Make Room for the Netflix App. We've all been there. You've been getting the "Storage Almost Full" notification for weeks and now that its time for you to download something you don't have any space. So bye-bye to all the apps you barely use and hello brand new, shiny Netflix app.

4. You Think Netflix is an Appropriate First Date...and Second and Third and Fourth. Sure you don't like crowded places and dinner dates are boring but do you have to Netflix and Chill for every single date?

5. You Spend 45 Minutes Trying to Decide What to Watch Because You've "Seen Everything". It's that time again, the series you have been binge watching is over and it's time for something new. You can't seem to find anything interesting enough that you haven't already watched. You scour through Trending, Comedies, Action, Romance and Top Picks a hundred times and nothing. You decide to get bold. "It's Such a Beautiful Day" can't be that bad, right? It's a stick figure animation but it can't be that bad, right?

6. You Decline Offers to Hangout Because You Just Need to Finish a Series. Honey, trust that Meredith Grey and her anatomy aren't going anywhere. Well who knows what turns "Grey's Anatomy" will take next? Shonda Rhimes surprises us every time.

7. Your Bed is a 24-Hour Movie Theater and You're There From Open to Close. Who needs a movie theater when you've got Netflix and snacks at home? You sit in your bed or on your couch for most of the day watching Netflix, only getting up for dire emergencies, like using the bathroom.

8. You Tell Yourself This is the Last Time and You Come Back for More. At this point you have a clear understanding of your obsession so you tell yourself, "Okay after this series/movie ends I'm going to do some work and be more productive". Sounds good until a voice in the back of your head is screaming not to click on that next show only for you to do it anyway.

Do any of these sound like you? Sorry buddy but you might just be a Netflix Junkie.