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8 Signs You Are A Netflix Junkie

Who doesn't want to Netflix and Chill? Netflix is pretty much a staple for college students but do you know when enough is enough? Here's 8...

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Campus Cutie: Nick Kobald

Meet Nick Kobald! When this cutie isn’t coding away, he can probably be found downtown in a bar. He loves making new friends so make sure...

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You’re Welcome, Instagram Junkies

To all my fellow instagram junkies, pull out your phones, ‘cause I’m doing you a favor. For my last Her Campus article for the academic...

julia caesar SUmawYoMFAs unsplash?width=698&height=466&fit=crop&auto=webp
Thrift Store Junkie

Marlia Bosques is definitely not afraid to mix textures and colors in her every-day outfits. The Horticulture and Crops protection student...

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A Letter to: Concert Junkies

Some might tell you you’re throwing your money away, wasting your gas to drive to distant arenas to see, " wait, who are you seeing again...