Where There Is Love, There Are Also Casperian Students!

College beginning is always something very exciting but, as time goes by, we can find out a lot more than we thought before getting into university . An example of this are couples who get to know each other and then have their love story due to living and hanging out together at college!

Do you want to meet some of the Casperian couples?

Do you usually draw hearts around? If your answer was yes, stop it right now! You are doing the wrong way! Vanessa and Marcelo had a cute way to meet each other, wanna know how? Read the story:

One day, Vanessa drew a little girl at the table of the college classroom, for no reasons; the next day, she founded a little boy holding hands with her little girl drawing. The one that had drawn the boy was Marcelo, her (not knowing) future boyfriend! They studied at the same classroom, but in different turns, but she still did not know that, so, she asked who used to sit on that desk and on the next day she found a Twitter username. Of course she added it.

They talked for about one month before they met face to face. Behind the scenes of a TV show, that they were to earn additional hours for college they finally met. The TV show, called “Pegada”, had the following rule: An auditorium boy was chosen to talk to the girl who chose him, and, if they wanted, they could hand out after. That time, Marcelo was chosen but he asked the production if, only once, the boy could chose the girl; they said yes.

He invited Vanessa to talk to him but, in the end, she did not kiss him, only gave a lip lock. Then, at the Colorbar party, they finally kissed. After sometime, Marcelo put their music to play and said he had chosen there place (terrace) to ask her because it was as unique as she was for him!!! Cute <3

After five years of dating, they married in Australia in January of this year and live there now!

José and Ana met at university trot and, at what they said, it was nothing romantic, as the class of 2014 was “extremely dirty” (this was the worst trot in recent years).

At that day, when Cásper’s drums started playing and everyone was screaming “Louco, louco, louco”, Ana was dancing nearly of some other girls, then, José, with his “Adorno particularity”, told Ana “You can stop it that isn’t cool. You don’t need to do if you don’t want” and this was, according to José, the first magical moment. After that, they began to talk more and more, day by day, and the butterflies in the stomach began to appear but, as not everything in this life is easy, Ana told me that “He doesn’t realize one pickup line” so, one day, she decided to kiss him. Over time, “kiss” became “dating” and once he wrote a letter to her father, asking her to dating (so cute!), he said yes and, now, they are completing two years of dating <3


How many things a friend can do for us? I don’t know. However, what I am surely about is that Maria has a cupid friend, meet now her and Mariana, her girlfriend!

Maria’s friend began studying at Cásper College and joined it volleyball team; Mariana is also part of the team so it didn’t take a long time for them to being friends. Maria, in the middle of all of it, heard a lot about Mariana and, on July vacations, while she was traveling, her friend added her in a whatsapp group with few people to hang out someday. When she saw Mariana’s profile picture, she “almost had a heart attack” but she preferred to hide it only for herself… As time pass by, both were interested in each other until Maria invited Mariana to go to a nightclub and there them kissed and, from that day on, they have never been separated <3

What do you think about Facebook? And when Facebook mingles with the college’s pub? This may end in dating! Meet Dalva and Nilo, our couple of time. They added on Facebook on a day like any other and, after some “likes” on photos, Nilo started a conversation with Dalva. Ok. Now those talks had not end. With many friends in common, they started to see more each other, even if Nilo was already graduated, then, at the pub, one day, they kissed. From that day on, they’ve hung out and, between high and low situations, it was becoming serious so, when them realized, they were dating <3