What We Know About The “Gossip Girl” Reboot So Far

This is for you, the one that sees something about “Gossip Girl” and already remembers the iconic voice saying “XOXO, Gossip Girl”. Who doesn’t miss it? The rumors that the series would have a reboot started in July 2019. And we are here to confirm that yes, it is true! Warner Bros has confirmed a kind of reboot of the series, which will be geared towards their streaming service, HBO Max.

Despite confirmation, details of the production are still scarce and have let the fans of the show confused in regards of what is about to come. But we already have some information that has been released. You can check everything that is already known about the reboot so far, below.

Before we start, it is worth remembering that this is not necessarily a reboot, but a continuation. The series will be on the same timeline as the original production, but events are dated between 12 and 13 years after the plot of “Gossip Girl”, according to executive producer Joshua Safran, in an interview for the Vulture Festival.

The reboot will have 10 episodes, but this time there will more than only one Gossip Girl, the character that tormented everyone in the original series. Instead, the new plot is based on the idea that everyone is a Gossip Girl, considering the progress of social media and the possibility of gossiping more quickly.

The story will also focus on a traditional New York private school, where most students are from the Manhattan elite, and have to deal with gossip and scandals in their personal lives.

Check below the announced actors who will star in the reboot:

  1. 1. Eli Brown

    Who remembers “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”? Unfortunately, the series was short, but it helped leverage Eli Brown’s career, who played Dylan Walker. He also acted in some episodes of Netflix’s “Spinning Out”. Eli is 19 years old, was born in Oregon, United States, and had his first role in “The Perfectionists”. In addition to being an actor, he is a singer and composer!

  2. 2. Emily Alyn Lind

    The 19-year-old actress will play a character named Audrey in the series and has even published the news on her Instagram “see you soon, xoxo;)”. Emily is currently participating in the television series “Sacred Lies”, but has also participated in other shows, like “Revenge”.

  3. 3. Jason Gotay

    Jason Gotay was born in New York and is 30 years old. He studied at Marymount Manhattan College and then went to study on Broadway, where he acted in plays like “Bring It On” and “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark”. He also participated in a “Peter Pan Live!”.

  4. 4. Johnathan Fernandez

    The actor was born in Brooklyn, NY, and is known in the world of comedy for his work in this genre, having also acted in the series “Lethal Weapon” for three seasons. He also appeared in “Girls”, “Younger”, “Last Week Tonight”, among many others!

  5. 5. Whitney Peak

    Whitney Peak is 17 years old and was born in Uganda. If you’ve watched “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix, you will probably recognize the actress, who played the character Judith Blackwood in the third season. In addition, she appeared in “Molly’s Game”, an Oscar nominated film, as Stella. Besides that, Whitney is also a dancer!

We are looking forward to the reboot! Are you?

XOXO, Gossip Girl.


The article above was edited by Laura Okida.

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