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What Is The “Method Dressing” And Why Is It All Over Hollywood?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Have you ever seen a red carpet and thought “this actor is just like his character” or “there are so many references from the movie on her outfit”? What if I say that this has one purpose and there is a name for it? That’s called method dressing and it is Hollywood’s favorite way to promote their movies or TV shows: through fashion. 

So method dressing is a marketing strategy that uses fashion to promote movies or TV shows. They get the essence of the main character or the essence of the content to make a storytelling through the clothes. 

Something that is interesting to note is that using method dressing is not really something new. Back in the 90’s, at the premiere of A League of Their Own, Geena Davis wore a dress with baseball stitching at the sides making reference to the movie.  

Nowadays when we talk about method dressing there is a queen of it: Zendaya. We have many examples that she adopted the trend, but the most viral ones are: the Dune: part two London premiere, the Spider-man: No way home red carpet where she wore a “web dress” and all the looks of the Challengers red carpet. 

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Another famous example is Barbie, when Margot Robbie turned into a real-life Barbie to promote the movie. At the time, every event she went to she was wearing a Barbie doll outfit, it was simply everything. It was such a phenomenon that it became known as “Barbiecore”. 

The most recent example of this kind of promotion is Nicola Coughlan’s outfits at the Bridgerton world tour. Her iconic looks make references to her character Penelope Featherington, the main character of the third season of Bridgerton, and of course make us talk even more about them.

As you can see, that is why it is all over Hollywood. All the examples listed here made you record the premiers, or the interviews, or even some posts on the internet talking about the iconic looks they were wearing and what the references were on it. 

When they do the method dressing they know that a lot of content creators will make content about it and they know that a lot of people will talk about it. So that promotes the movie and because of the looks someone can get interested and go watch it. That’s already happened to me, I literally watched Dune because of Zendya’s premiere look. 


The article above was edited by Duda Kabzas.
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