What To Expect From "Good Girls" Season 2

Good Girls has achieved its second season and there’s still so many things that we want to know about the stories involving Beth, Annie and Ruby. And that’s why we made a selection of some points that you need to keep on track in this new season. If you've already fallen in love with Season One, you cannot miss this. Check out!

Image Source: IMDb

1. Where can I watch it?

If you have watched the first season on Netflix, you need to be aware where the series is being broadcast now: check out NBC once a week and there you’ll find Season Two! But that’s not an excuse for you to not keep following the life of those three mothers. What we can assure you now is that this season will count with 13 episodes, and the last one will be released on May 19.

2. The tension is still here!

If you were not tense while watching the first season, there’s something wrong. The desperate circumstances that made the protagonists stop playing it safe and risking everything to take their power back will continue to have a great influence on this season, leaving the viewers with a super tense atmosphere. And in some cases, that’s necessary.

During the first season, we saw some issues, like harassment, being treated in very serious ways. We hope that in this season this seriousness, when talking about delicate issues, will continue! Believe me: we still have a lot of unresolved problems that need to be explicit.

3. Rio: love or fear?

Image Source: IMDb

What do you think about Rio? This important character for the development of the series will continue to be present in the show. But it is important to remember that, even with many people highlighting his charming attitudes, he continues to influence and directly dictate the lives of Beth, Annie and Ruby. So, Rio... Take good care! We are watching you!

4. One decision affects everything

We can’t forget that, besides all the dramas and tensions, Good Girls also has a central theme that involves all the narratives: family. So, while you are watching Season Two, remember how a decision of one of the three mothers can affect - and will - the rest of her family. And since they’re literally trying to not get caught, this season will show a lot of important decisions to all the Good Girls family members.

Are you excited for this new season? What are you expecting the most? Tell us!