What Can We Expect From Percy Jackson Disney Series

This is for you, a fan of the Percy Jackson book series, and like us, who has been waiting for an audiovisual sequence of the story since the release of the movie 'The Sea of Monsters' in 2013"

Rick Riordan's writing franchise will win a TV series on Disney's new streaming platform, Disney +! That is right! The first season will have the first book, “The Lightning Thief”, as inspiration. Below, we separated what to expect from the incredible production.

  1. 1.  More faithful to books?

    After receiving criticism on the two movies, because the story and characters were not consistent with the books, the story will be more faithful to the book. If you like suspense, get ready, because the first season will be packed with it!

  2. 2. What about the safest place?

    How to forget about the Half-Blood Camp? This is one of the points of the film that was true to the books and did not disappoint! For being one of the safest places for the children of the gods and the place of training and learning, this will be one of the aspects that the series will also address, also exploring, how demigods do not fit into society and are seen as problematic.

  3. 3. Most anticipated characters in the series

    Many fans were disappointed with the lack of representations of the gods such as  Zeus, Poseidon and Ares. Therefore, their expectations for the series are very high!

    And we do not even need to talk about Percy and Annabeth, right? The friendship between them is expected to be a relationship of companionship, different from what is presented in the film, in which the relationship is seen as a romance. Best of all, the series will preserve the correct age of the characters! What a relief! In the book, Percy Jackson is 12 years old, remember? We will be able to follow the growth of the characters since the first season! This is because how will demigods learn about this new world and defend themselves if they are not young?

  4. 4. What about the special effects? 

    Special effects. This is a delicate subject! There is no one who was not disappointed with the special effects in the movie, and was expecting the best Hollywood effects, right? Therefore, the fans have high hopes about this. Where are the magical creatures, grandiose settings and all the exciting fights? That is what we want in this series. Is it too much to ask

Has the cast been confirmed? Not yet. We are dying to know who will portray each character and unfortunately, it has not been confirmed, not even the creative team for production of the series. ): We are super excited to find out as soon as possible. Do you feel the same? What do you think? Tell us!


The article above was edited by Mel Trench

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