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Twilight – The Series: what we know about the production so far

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According to the websites The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, the Twilight Saga will become a TV series. The Lionsgate Studios’ production will have the screenwriter of the books, Stephanie Meyer, as one of the directors, since she was also present in the production of the films.

This is the main information of the new production of the best-seller in the world of vampires. In cinemas around the world, the movie saga moved US$ 3.3 billion. The first film, Twilight, was released in 2008 and the last, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, in 2010.

They all show the love story between Bella Swan, the vampire Edward Cullen and the love triangle they live with the werewolf, Jacob Black. Just like in the books, the five films show the romantic adventures and challenges that the couple face in order to finally be together in peace and Bella to carry out her long-awaited transformation, from human to vampire.

After more than ten years, The Twilight Saga has fans around the world who are excited about the possibility of the continuation of Bella, Edward and Jacob’s story. It has not been revealed which will be the starting point of the TV series, but the three main ideas are: to continue the story and show the life of Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee; to show Edward’s point of view of all the love story with Bella, as told at the Midnight Sun book; or a totally different perspective of the characters, showing the history of the Volturi, Carlisle and other important characters in the tale.

Another information that the Saga fans are eager to know is about who will be in the casting, if they will invite the same actors from the movie or maybe invite them to make special appearances in the series or if they will use new characters and who will be the actors cast for the roles.

Many questions and a whole lot of excitement for the answers! Let’s wait.



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