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Time to Celebrate Easter: Casperians Who Make Easter Eggs

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Easter is coming within a few days. The holiday that originally celebrates Christ’s resurrection also brings the joy of the Easter eggs sharing. The tradition of giving and receiving the chocolates has been around the world for decades, and many people say it started because the egg is a symbol of life, and in the past, they used to be decorated.

Nowadays, the happy spirit of Easter is celebrated normally along family’s company, while people share chocolates. Due to that, some girls at Cásper Líbero University decided to make Easter an even better holiday.

Beatriz Salles, Journalism student, said that she had been selling chocolates like brigadeiro and naked cakes the whole year. But since 2016, she realized that selling Easter eggs would be a successful business, so she added the special Easter gifts into her menu for the season. She says that even though it took a lot of work to prepare the holiday eggs, she enjoyed the experience and decided to repeat it this year. When asked if she needs help, she told us that her mom helps a lot with her online candy store Na Forminha Brigaderia. In the biggest holidays, like Easter and Christmas, she also needs help to do the dishes and organize the stuff.

If you feel like tasting this chocolates, all you have to do is ask her to send you an email with the menu and choose yours!

Bianca Carpigiani had the same idea. She had already graduated from Cásper Líbero in 2014, but now she is working with gastronomy. Since she and her boyfriend are unemployed, they thought selling Easter eggs was a good idea. They started the commerce a month ago, and it’s already a success. If you want to contact Bianca for more information, just send her a message on Facebook. 

Almost all the eggs they sell cost 40 reais, except the amarula one, that costs 50 reais.

On the other hand, some decided not to be so literal about the Easter sweets and tried to make this holiday a good one by helping other people. Maria Beatriz da Fonseca, also Journalism student, started helping the NGO Gotas de Flor com Amor this year. She realized Cásper Líbero didn’t have any projects realted to Easter, so she introduced this NGO to people be aware that everybody could help.

The idea was that the students would donate 2 reais and, hopefully, the NGO would have the money to buy Easter eggs of 150g to 205 kids. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make the enought amount of money to accomplish that. Even though, all kids are going to get the chocolates (but now, an Easter egg of 80g). At the moment, they are not anymore accepting the money to buy the chocolates anymore, but we can always help in other ways.

Author: Giulia Poltronieri

Editor: Isabelle Caldeira

My name is Giulia, I'm 18 and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. When I have a free time, I like to write, read and watch series.
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