These 5 Youtubers Show You How To Exercise Without Leaving Your House

Achieving a healthy life is probably one of everybody’s top goals. Sometimes it can be really hard because of the stress and all the work that has to be done. However, with these five youtubers you will have a motivation burst to have the active life you want.

1. Pop Sugar fitness

This channel was created by Anna Renderer, who worked with many Hollywood celebrities. With almost three million followers, you can find videos with her and other famous trainers as hostess giving a really intense cardio routine or even yoga and any other exercise you can imagine. It’s a good channel if you need that burst of energy to keep going.

2. Yoga with Adriene

Another great channel that you can’t miss! Adriene Mishler is an actress and yoga teacher with 4.8 million followers - and this number has a great reason to be there. All of her videos are relaxing and calm to the point the energy reaches you no matter where you watching it. She also has different routines for every person and every situation, for example her loss weight routine or back to school routine.

3. Lucy Wyndham-Read

Lucy gets attention by her amazing story. The British trainer and nutritionist served the army for five years and nowadays is responsible for helping many women and men from around the world to keep a healthier life. Her videos are right on point and realistic, giving you specific exercises for different body shapes, and she can also give really good instructions about how to balanciate it with healthier habits. Her biggest hits are the 7 minutes workout videos which many followers claim to work.

4. Leslie Sansoe’s Walk at Home

This is a channel for who really enjoys walking, but loves to stay home. Leslie Sansoe brings a different routine on YouTube, popularizing the habit of walking-at-home and teaching really good techniques to make the most of it even in a few minutes. It’s a good habit to put in your daily life, since most of her videos are simple and last about fifteen minutes long. It can also bring back some retro vibes!

5. The live fit girl

The last one is a less known channel but that is worth to support. Deanna Dorman is a celebrity instructor who gives really good instructions for local workouts and pilates. Once a week she comes out with a new routine that can give you specifically what you want and make you feel comfortable while exercising. She takes into consideration different body shapes and functions, so, before, you start, be sure that you are a beginner or an advanced!