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The Tumblr Years Are Back! 4 2022 Fashion Trends Related To This Aesthetic

With the return of live events, especially parties and music festivals, we can notice that people´s way of dressing is highly inspired by the 2010s pop music era. Those outfits were influenced by a website very popular at that time, known as Tumblr. The pictures uploaded at this site were known for having the “hot mess” looks, which is a tidy but sloppy and sexy way of dressing, creating its aesthetic.

plaid print

Mainly seen in coats and skirts, the plaid trend is coming back strongly in looks, because it is very versatile and comfortable. A plaid fashion item is a unique way to style your outfit.

The exciting thing about these items is that they can be used both in everyday moments and when going out to the mall, or to use in music festivals and red carpets. In addition to the completely different styles that the plaid print fits into, we can wear them either in a more prep school look with a full skirt or in a relaxed moment with a flannel coat.

Many singers are bringing this plaid aesthetic to their daily recording routine, such as the singer Jisoo of the South Korean group, BlackPink. She was seen wearing a checkered corset to promote the band´s album.

The mini lengths

Another trend constantly seen is the mini length, appearing in skirts, dresses, increasingly smaller tops, coats, and denim jackets. It can be used to give the outfits an ominous appearance, when mixed with leather pieces, for example. Controversially, this kind of look can be used to create a more romantic style, such as mini dresses.

The aesthetic has grown a lot in spring/summer fashion on the most important catwalks in the fashion world, such as Versace and Miu Miu. However, instead of more tidy looks, such as those on the catwalk, the mini-length fashion was also widely used in street style. With more stripped clothes but still keeping the essence of the mini aesthetic, Brazilian fashion bloggers such as Malu Borges and Livia are great references for this way of dressing.

cool t-shirts aesthetic

With the comeback of popular music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Coachella, one of the favorite pieces of clothing from the Tumblr aesthetic is more suitable than ever.

Spotted every day at the last Rock in Rio, the t-shirts with the rock band or just the awesome ones have a unique style, bringing comfort and catching anyone´s attention to the look by simply having a creative print.

Those kinds of shirts are usually quite baggy and go well with mini skirts, tulle, and anything with leather. And, this trend is here to stay, as it is great for transforming looks into a heavier and more fun aesthetic.

The hot mess

The trend that is also being frequently spotted is the Hot Mess aesthetic. It’s a stylish, laid-back look, something that looks like it wasn’t planned and done in a hurry.

This iconic outfit has a lot of references to the early 90s, with the main character being Kate Hudson, who later became an inspiration to the supermodels Cara Delevingne and Bella Hadid.

This way of dressing joins the three trends above into one, complementing the makeup and hair with the messy look, making it more of the vibe that the trend wants to convey.

So, we can understand that fashion is cyclical and is always coming back with a new trend inspired by an old context and perspective. 

The article was edited by Lorena Lindenberg. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Cásper Líbero page for more!

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