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The new queen of horror movies: get to know the story of Mia Goth and the highlights of her career

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If you are a fan of horror movies, you’ve probably heard of Mia Goth. Her performance in the Ti West trilogy, especially in Pearl, caught everyone’s attention, but this is not the debut of the new queen of horror movies. 

Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth was born in London in 1993, to a Brazilian mother and a Canadian father. The actress lived in Brazil until she was ten years old, a period in which she had her first contact with the artistic world due to her grandmother’s career in soap operas: Maria Gladys. She even says that her grandmother is one of her inspirations.

During her teens, Mia Goth returned to London and became a magazine model. She began participating in some casting tests and debuted in 2013 in Nymphomaniac II, a controversial film by Lars von Trier. Despite the polemics surrounding the movie, the actress has already claimed that it changed her life. 

Among some landmark movies in her filmography, she was in the post-apocalyptic production The Survivalist in 2015 and in the survival drama Everest in the same year. Moreover, in 2020 she participated in Emma, adaptation of the work of Jane Austen and in the action film Mayday, in 2021.

AND How was her trail through the world of horror?

Mia Goth’s journey into scaryproductions began in 2016 with A Cure for Wellness. In 2018, the actress starred in two very important projects for her career: the remake of Suspiria, directed by Luca Guadagnino and the science fiction film with a bit of horror, High Life, directed by Claire Denis

However, the rise and popularity of the actress in the horror world began with the 2022 movie X. In this movie, Mia Goth plays a porn actress, Maxine, who goes to the Texas countryside with her friends to record one of her films, but encounters an elderly couple who start chasing and killing their friends. In this role, in addition to Maxine, she also plays the younger version of Pearl, the elderly assassin.

During X, the director and screenwriter Ti West wrote the killer’s origin story, which gave rise to the film Pearl, in which Mia Goth plays the protagonist. The movie gives a deep character study on the development of a psychopath. Mia Goth throws herself into the role with disturbing looks, lots of blood and an amazing performance. 

To close the trilogy, the film MaXXine is being prepared and will follow Maxine, the surviving character from X, also played by Mia Goth. Fans are already looking forward to the continuation and to follow the career of the new queen of horror movies.


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