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The importance of self-awareness and self-love

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Sometimes life puts us in situations in which we’ve got to choose between our happiness and the others. 

The truth is that each individual has their own mission and destiny, everything that happens in our lives is a result of our thoughts that were put into practice. 

We care about those we love, and that’s a noble act, but even though we want the people that surround us to be happy, we also need to put our desires above theirs sometimes. 

Our duty it’s to ourselves. I know it’s part of human nature to please people, but you’ve got to take care of your own life otherwise, you’ll ruin your relationships with others. 

Unfortunately, we can’t take care of people and make them aware of themselves, they have to figure it out on their own and the only thing you can do is change yourself. 

To love yourself and enjoy your own company is a hard thing to do, there’s a long path beneath the way of your life where you find yourself constantly being forced to choose between others and yourself. 

Romantic relationships, friendships, colleagues, and family members will always point out your flaws and qualities as if they don’t have theirs, this can be a violence against your mental health and may make you hate aspects about you that you used to love. 

Of course, we need to have a social life to survive, but we have to learn to not let the judgment of others affect ourselves. 

Nobody has ever achieved the purest level of self-consciousness, otherwise, this person wouldn’t be ordinary. 

While reading this article you are thinking: “What does this girl think she’s talking about?”, and the truth is that I’m just trying to learn more about myself as much as you are. 

Recently I realized that we don’t know ourselves, and since I’ve been in a very thoughtful state of mind, I concluded that to be who you wish to be you’ve got to make a total change in your lifestyle. 

Find out who you are 

The key to love yourself it’s to become aware of who you are, not letting people’s versions of you affect the way that you perceive yourself. 

Answer some questions about you and you’ll be surprised to see how amazing you are. 

Ask yourself: “Why did I choose this other than that?”, “Why am I this way?”. 

From your favorite book to the way that you react to sad movies, analyze your reactions, feelings, and choices. 

Enjoy your positive energy, visit places that you used to love in your childhood, try bringing back old hobbies and have fun revisiting your history. 

Have fun doing things that you love, without pleasing people that you’re wasting your time with, you must take off that “social mask” once and for all. 

Embrace your qualities and accept your flaws 

No one is perfect, everyone has two sides. 

Nobody is totally evil nor totally good, we are constantly struggling to hide our bad side, but the thing is that on a sunny day, there’s light shining on everyone, but also everyone has a shadow following them everywhere they go. 

Look for your flaws and learn to make them weaker than your qualities. 

Learn to love this duality, work with it, and make your brighter side shine louder than the dark one, once you do it no challenge will be impossible. 

Work on your mindset 

It’s all about what you want for yourself in the future. 

Your desires are the most important thing in your life, your destiny is in your hands, and it’s not just about the fact that “your life is in your hands”. 

Everything you wish for can be achieved, nothing is impossible for a person who believes in their potential, the mind is a powerful thing and your mindset needs to be surrounded by good thoughts and energy. 

Once you learn to be positive and believe that everything that it’s yours will find you, you’ll be ready to be your best version. 

Your wills come first 

After you’ve learned more about yourself and have changed your mindset for the better, you’ll see how many people will be bothered by your attitude. 

You should always see things through your eyes, don’t let people tell you that you shouldn’t do things that you want to. 

There’s a fine line between self-love and selfishness, but understand that each one is responsible for their life and you are the only one who will take care of yourself endlessly. 

So many people will vanish from your life once you learn that your wills are more important than theirs, so let them go and you’ll see how much they don’t even care about having you in their lives.

Inner peace 

There’s a long journey until you finally reach your inner peace. 

After doing these steps I hope you feel a little bit better about yourself, it’ll be easier to be at peace with your inner self. 

The “dolce far niente” will be perfect once you are at peace with yourself, the sweetness of doing nothing, it’s a pleasure to people who love themselves. 

The true peace will reach you, I assure you that, but as I said before: no one is a master of self-consciousness, so if you reach your inner peace and lose yourself after reaching this step, try again. 

Try endlessly, because the love that we should feel for ourselves is only reached after we’ve tried countless times, it’s an exercise that will follow us through life. 


The article above was edited by Isa Mucilo

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I'm passionate about music, films and literature. I love classic rock music and the iconic popular culture from the late 1960's. Currently studying Journalism at Cásper Líbero.