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Sustainable Fashion: Get To Know 5 Brazilian Labels With Ecological Initiatives For Clothing

Nowadays, glamour and comfort are not the only requirements to compose a stylish look. Driven by vegan and cruelty-free movements, consumers are increasingly concerned with dressing well, not only for themselves, but mostly for the planet.

Surfing this new habit wave, clothing brands decided to bet on charming but, above all, conscious fashion. It is estimated that the fashion industry is responsible for the emission of 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases per year - and some labels are trying to change this chaotic highway. 

Get to know five Brazilian brands which are giving fashion trends a new meaning: the consciousness.

Coletivo de Dois (@coletivodedois)

Do not leave anything to waste: that was the goal of Hugo Mor (from Goiás) and Daniel Barranco (from São Paulo), stylists who, in 2014, founded Coletivo de Dois (“Collective of Two). They decided to start creating beautiful clothes using cheap materials, like leftovers and strips of fabric. 

Their first collection seemed like magic: they transformed 500 pieces of patchwork into 127 exclusive fashion pieces. Since then, Coletivo de Dois opened a store in downtown São Paulo and has already produced more than 3,000 clothes, reusing 150 kilos of fabric per year. According to them, in that meantime, almost 1 ton of leftovers is no longer discarded.

Products available in the store range from simple or decorated t-shirts to kimonos and handbags - all sustainable and super stylish

Yes I am Jeans (@yesiamjeans)

You read it correctly: Yes, they are jeans! Whoever said that denim pieces couldn’t be sustainable commited a bad mistake… In the store Yes I am Jeans, the manufacturing method is designed to attack as little as possible the environment.

The production process happens in São Paulo and Minas Gerais with a minimum of chemical products! The steps are manual and the store has its own laundry and washing water plant.

Repassa (@repassabr)

Another sector that has been growing a lot in recent times is circular fashion. Thrift stores are representative icons of sustainability and are, more and more, increasingly modern and within our reach.

Repassa is the first and largest online thrift store in Brazil and has a partnership with many big clothing brands, such as C&A, Renner and Intimissimi. Microentrepreneurs can also sell through Repassa: they just need to contact the company and request to receive at home a “mochila do bem” (“bag of goodness”), where they will deposit all the clothes to be sold on the platform. These pieces go back to the thrift store, which will put them on sale online and will be in charge of delivering it to the buyer.

Sellers can also choose whether to receive the full purchase price of the clothes, whether to donate a portion to an NGO of their choice. Repassa accepts clothes, shoes, new lingeries with tags, pajamas, costumes and various accessories - from sunglasses to bags and backpacks.

Linus (@use.linus)

The perfect combination between comfort, sustainability and design. This is how Isabela Chusid, the founder of Linus refers to her brand. The store specializes in footwear and is the first in the business to create vegan and 100% recyclable plastic shoes. 

The sandals are produced with ecological PVC, free of heavy metals, with plasticizer of vegetal origin and have, in its composition, 70% from renewable sources. The products are available in an online shop but the label also has a physical shop in São Paulo.

In 2019, Linus offset 10.54 tons of carbon by planting trees. In addition to the concern with the environment, the label raises reflections on gender equity for the third sector market. The store team is made up only of women and has influenced giant brands to follow the conscious path.

Studio Drê Magalhães (@studiodremagalhaes)

And to complete the look, nothing better than a good accessory - and, even better, if it is also sustainable, right? The designer from São Paulo, Andreza Magalhães, dedicates her artesanal production to this! She creates necklaces, bracelets, handbags - from scratch and all by hand - and, specially, with a material totally approved for the environment!

Instead of the traditional metallic strings, Studio Drê Magalhães offers several options of accessories with 100% biodegradable core! In addition to being affectionate with the planet, the products are beautiful and super light!

 Did you like it? There are many other stores and micro-entrepreneurs interested in making a difference. Keep an eye on the producers in your region and support local art: there is still a lot to do for the planet and this is a huge first step.


The article above was edited by Helena Leite.

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