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Struggling to make your friendship bracelets? Here are 5 inspirations!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Friendship bracelets have been such a fever in the USA and Europe nowadays. There is a mysterious past behind the history of how the friendship bracelets showed up. We are not so sure about how it appeared, but the accessories became popular in the 70s with the hippies, as a synonym to love and peace.

The bracelets were handmade, often using colorful threads and macramé techniques, and were given to friends as a symbol of lasting friendship, harmony, and unity. Additionally, the colors used in the bracelets often held symbolic meanings. For example, red could represent love, blue could symbolize peace and tranquillity, and green could represent nature and harmony, among other meanings attributed to the colors.

The friendship bracelet holds a special meaning for hippies and is a symbol of friendship, peace, love, and solidarity. Hippies were known for valuing human connection, peace, equality, and freedom, and the accessories symbolized these ideals.

Nowadays Taylor Swift fans, with the arrival of The Eras Tour, have brought back the trend of friendship bracelets that started in 2019. The ideia is that you make your own friendship bracelet and exchange it with another fan at the show. So if you are in this run to make your own friendship bracelet, being a swiftie or not, here are some inspirations:

1. Beaded bracelets

This is a fresh trend and a really cool one! You can do it in your own way, customizing the bracelet to your liking, with your favorite colors and your style.

And if you are a swiftie, this is the best way to customize a bracelet with your favorite era or song. Mix letters, colors and types of beads to be more authentic.

2. Crochet Bracelets

If you have some artisanal skills, you will probably adore this idea. Crochet bracelets are simple but at the same time fun and different.

Even though you can’t use beads to write your favorite songs, you can crochet bracelets with the era you love. And don’t worry, crocheting is not that hard!

3. Leather bracelets

This is a modern idea of a friendship bracelet. You can take a strip of leather, use charms and your creativity to make your bracelet!

Don’t you think this type of bracelet has the aesthetic of the Reputation era? Let’s do some leather bracelets with a snake charm!

4. Ribbon bracelets

The ribbon bracelet is a great idea if you want something not too expensive but with a lot of ways to customize! A big variety of charms can be added to it.

Besides, it will be very Fearless era of you! If you want romantic and vintage in one, this is your choice!

5. Ready Bracelets

In July, Pandora launched its line of friendship bracelets in honor of Friendship Day! So, if your creativity isn’t helping, you can buy glamorous bracelets with your best friend.

Again, you can mix colors and charms to make your bracelet unique. So, what are you waiting for?

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