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Spring Beauty: 6 Artistic Makeups To Get In The New Season’s Mood

Spring has finally arrived and, with it, a huge variety of colors came up, not only in the landscapes but also in fashion! It's the perfect time to let our “true colors shine through”, exploring new palettes in our wardrobe and, even, while doing our makeup! So, why not get inspired by this new season to leave behind the cold colors of the winter and try out new refreshing and colorful makeups that have everything to do with spring’s vibe? ​

Thinking about it, Her Campus Cásper Libero prepared a list of 6 astonishing makeups that are perfect for this spring's mood and will probably provide you inspiring tips to try out on your daily routine! So let's head on to the most colorful time of the year and explore it with style?! Check out all the tips below!

Real Flowers

Can you picture makeup with real flowers? Seems unimaginable, right? Well, @danibettamio proves exactly the opposite: it’s totally possible to do it, by using little branches and real flowers in your makeups! In addition to the lovely effect that these floral arrangements leave, the image shows a perfect example of how using the eyeliner under your eyes’ waterline can make a genuine difference, changing the shape of your eyes and making them stand out more.

Spring from head to toe

The gradient of spring colors can be a powerful ally for any type of makeup you intend to do! And for girls with curls and locks, we have a tip: try putting some small and delicate flowers in your hair, that match the colors of your makeup. The result will be as magical as this fresh look designed by @jadecapuano!


Of course that the vibrant colors of the flowers in spring always catches our attention, but we can’t put aside what perhaps most refers to nature: the green tones of the leaves! Mother Nature itself has a huge variety of green in all shades you can imagine. Green works well with many colors, but stands out the most when combined with shades of purple or white. Here's a great example of a makeup created by the influencer @militantedebatom to be inspired by!


And since we're talking about the most flowery season of all, we certainly can't leave the bees out! Get your imagination buzzing with @fersantarlasci, be daring and go wild on shades of yellow and orange! Oh, and why not try exploring patterns of bee trails around your eyes? A great tip, which is quite unique, is to use rhinestones to complement your look in an awesome way!


Spring screams flowers, ice tea and, mostly, butterflies! So why not use them to give that extra shine to your look? The digital influencer @evellynbarros2 came up with a beautiful look inspired by these amazing insects - and which doesn't require much work: all you need is an eyeliner, white face paint (or even gouache) and your favorite colored eyeshadows!

Small details that make a big difference

If you don't think that red stands for power, just take a look at this makeup designed by @bento.giovanna! She proves that you can't mess up with a well-designed cat eye. But what really stands out in this face art are the delicate yellow details on the lips. Maybe this might be the new trend of the season?


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso.

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