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Review: On its 5th season, is Virgin River worth watching?

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Waiting for season 5 was a difficult period of time for Virgin River lovers. After all, we were left at an insane cliffhanger and a new season became necessary. But, is season 5 really worth watching?

Beautiful landscapes, dramatic love, and a town full of good and helpful people. Virgin River truly is a great, relaxing show. But sometimes it can become a little stressful, with the plot twists and the crazy things that happen. All four seasons have these characteristics, but season 5 made all of them bigger and better.

So, before we get into the reasons, watch out for spoilers!

The Drama

Someone should count the number of times people gasped while watching this season. Although it started slow, with no big drama or huge happenings, by episode 5, they picked up the pace and bombarded us with so much drama that it was almost too much.

But, to love Virgin River you have to love drama, so considering what type of show this is, it was just the right amount. The way everything was fine – maybe too fine – and then it all collapsed with the fire, and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) losing the baby at the same time Hope (Annette O’Toole) was becoming her again. It was really well written and had the right amount of suspense to put you on the edge of your seat.

Mel losing the baby

We do love drama, but we also love happy endings, and Mel losing the baby was not the drama we needed. At this point, after everything she went through, she should’ve got her baby. Let’s be honest, she deserves it, and a little Jack (Martin Henderson) would be so cute, but we also love well-written stories with an arc that makes sense.

Even though, at first, it seemed so unfair and unnecessary for her to lose the baby, by the end of the season it made sense for the story. Also to show mamas out there that it’s okay to not have children of your own, and that what makes you a mother it’s a kid and not a pregnancy.

The whole conversation between Mel and Jack and how they solved her not wanting to get pregnant was so important for the story, we got to see that they really are a team and that she’s not alone. I can not wait to see how they’ll decide to make their family.

The final episodes

One thing that we can say about this season is that it was truly a roller coaster. From happy moments between Mel and Jack to the chaos with the fires and basically everything that happened in the last five episodes, this season brought so many emotions.

But I think we can all agree that the real and scary rollercoaster was episode 12 since we literally couldn’t catch a break – the number of times I literally gasped. So many plot twists starting with Calvin (David Cubitt) being the twins’ father (what was that?), Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) being pregnant, Mel and Jack deciding to buy the farm, and the shocking and exciting end of Mel’s father being from Virgin River, we sure are left with a lot to unroll in season 6.

Many people might say that Virgin River is a cliché show that is just full of drama. Well, they might just be right, but that’s for sure why we love this show so much. The holiday episodes will for sure be a fan favorite.

The article above was edited by Júlia Pupo Mucha Fagá.

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