Outlander: A Review Of Season Four

On May 11, Outlander's story continues with the premiere of its fourth season on Netflix. Adapted from the books of Diana Gabaldon, and directed and created by Ronald D. Moore, Outlander returns with more clashes and episodes filled with a mixture of history, romance and mysticism.

In 13 episodes, about 50 minutes long, the new season goes through remarkable themes of history, and brings the well-known and beloved emotion of this lovely couple. And for you to know what awaits you - without receiving spoilers- we from Her Campus have prepared a full review of this season four!

  1. 1. The new world

    As it turns out at the end of season three, the story of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) will now be for America. One of the main focuses of the fourth season is to show this process that the couple goes through when entering these new lands. Settling in the North Carolina colony, they will have to deal with different issues compared to those when they were on the European continent.

    In order to illustrate this path of discovery, there are many more scenes executed in open spaces, showing widely the typical fauna and flora of the region. Like the beginning of the show, photography revolves around mountains, forests and lakes. 

    Unlike the other seasons already available, Claire and Jamie now appear in a much more mature and rational way. This would be the first time the two would own a real house, a place they can actually call their own, what they would call Fraser's Ridge.

  2. 2. Historical issues

    The already famous historical character of the series is not absent this season. This time, the episodes address topics such as slavery, relations with the natives of the region and the processes involving the settlers and the government composed of English military and aristocrats. 

    Throughout the plot, we notice the presence of a mixture of peoples in what is identified as the process of formation of North America. Scots, Irish, Germans and others coexist together in search of prosperity and better living conditions for their families. Along with this, the confrontation between government tax collections also emerges as an issue strongly addressed during the season. 

    With many details of costumes and production, the representation of the natives of the region is also another striking element of the show. Customs, rituals and the struggles for the protection of the lands of native populations are portrayed in a very delicate way. The participation of the natives is directly related to the fate of many characters.

  3. 3. The story of Brianna and Roger

    In this fourth season, there is also the formation and deepening of another dramatic core: the story of Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin). In the course of the episodes, we will enter into the construction of this new couple. Both go through processes of self-knowledge and rediscovery of themselves in situations not so expected.

    Along with these new plots, there are also characters who will become part of the trajectory of the series in an essential way. As is the case with Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kenney), Jamie's aunt, and Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers). In addition, there is the return of others who will surely surprise and cheer you up.

In this new season available on Netflix, wait for episodes that feature countless exciting and touching moments. Always with subtle and delicate approaches, history can carry and convey well this new phase of Outlander. Now with a more rustic and familiar atmosphere, get ready to face lots of history, drama, and unusual adventures through unknown lands.


The article above was edited by Mel Trench

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