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Man Repellent Outfits: Understand the Trend That’s Gaining Popularity Among Girls

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

If you are someone who is connected to social media, you must have noticed the movement toward valuing “girly things”. Everything linked to ultrafemininity, which was seen as futile, childish and superficial from a male perspective, has been celebrated and extolled by women. In this way, fashion, as a reflection of society and a means of expression, was also impacted by this decentralization of male opinions. Now, the goal is to prioritize your own preferences and styles, without fear of being ridiculed.

As a result of this, the “men repellent outfit” trend emerged, which as the name suggests, focuses not on pleasing or being attractive in the eyes of men. This aesthetic allows women to express their femininity, individuality and personal style, without worrying about meeting imposed expectations and standards.

Combat boots, bows, Birkenstocks, mom jeans and long skirts are some of the items often overlooked by men that characterize this trend. In general, these are clothes that girls really like to wear, being colorful, fun, comfortable and often called “grandma style”. Furthermore, these looks do not seek to define the silhouette, bringing wider, straighter and more fluid cuts.

This trend and this entire phenomenon of welcoming and valuing femininity was driven mainly last year, by social networks and the mass media. In 2023, there were many productions aimed at a female audience, such as the release of the film Barbie, which had great box office success, and The Eras Tour, by singer Taylor Swift, which was successful in several countries.

On the internet, TikTok, being the most accessed and influential platform among young people, has expanded trends such as “Girlhood”, which celebrates the particularities of being a woman. In this bubble, girls express their feminine experiences and feelings, such as the sadness of seeing makeup break or the happiness of getting ready with their friends. In addition to exploring and expressing their interests in literature, music and cinema, popularized works by authors such as Sofia Coppola, Elena Ferrante and Sylvia Plath. Thus, this all resulted in the search and rise of trends that center female preferences, challenging and confronting misogynistic thoughts.


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At the same time, on the catwalks, big fashion houses are also betting on this femininity. Miu Miu pioneered Balletcore, bringing back flats, bows and soft colors in its winter 2022 collection. This year, Chloé, under the new creative direction of Chamena Kamali, presented a collection created by a woman and designed for women. Reminiscent of the seventies, when the brand expressed feminine freedom, the current collection featured straight cuts, flowing dresses, ruffles, lace and transparency. Everything is designed in a delicate and feminine way, without sexualizing the pieces.

In a world where many women need to deny their femininity and behave and dress like a man, especially in work environments, to be respected and not be associated with characteristics such as stupidity or futility, the movement to decentralize male opinion emerges as a liberation.

Trends such as “men repellent outfits” are not just about fashion, but about affirming identity and affirming one’s own choices, breaking with limiting stereotypes created by a masculine vision. More than that, these trends promote an environment where femininity is not only accepted, but valued and respected, and can coexist with competence, intelligence and leadership in all aspects of life, including the workspace. In this way, it allows each woman to define her own style with confidence and pride, without compromising her authenticity and femininity.


The article above was edited by Giulia Giampietro.

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