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Get To Know 5 Songs That Show The Essence of Conan Gray’s 2nd Album

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The famous Brazilian festival, Lollapalooza, is coming! So, this is the perfect time to get to know the songs of the artists that are part of the Line-up and decide which concerts you’re going to check out! In 2023 the whole event happens in March (24rd to 26th) and Conan Gray is one of the headliners. The 24-year-old singer and songwriter is receiving more acknowledgement the music industry mainly for his dramatic and emotional songs

Gray has already released two albums throughout his career! The first one is called Kid Krow (2020), and it has hits such as “Heather” and “Maniac”. His most recent one, Superache, (2022) has twelve tracks and talks about subjects such as love, friendship, breakups, heartbreak and family issues. The made- up word “Superache” is used in this context to describe all the pain and sadness that exist mutually with love and relationships. 

This new record was co-written by Dan Nigro and Julia Michaels. In Conan’s words, the project is about “the chaos of being young” and it represents things that happened to him a few years ago in a dramatic way. Another important message that we can barely notice is that in life you have to know when to leave and when to stay. 

The artist writes about topics that sometimes people don’t talk about but he feels that he has to, because they have to know they are not alone. For this American singer, bad things happen in life. It may follow you, but it can’t define you. Read now about five songs that perfectly describe the essence of Superache


The single “Memories” was released before the album came out. The song is about a hard breakup and how the person wants to forget their ex and just move on, letting their story go and making it part of the past. But this is harder when the person insists on showing up and being part of their life.

The song is emotional and it has an impressive arrangement. The line “I can’t be your friend, I can’t be your lover, I can’t be the reason we hold back each other from falling in love, with somebody other than me” certainly makes the listener scream just as loud as Conan does! You can’t miss it!


Who has watched a romantic movie and dreamed of being part of a perfect and beautiful love story? This is exactly what Gray talks about in “Movies”. In the lyrics, he tells the story of a couple who appears to be happy at parties, but throughout the week they hardly speak to each other.

In that situation, the person’s wish is to have in real life a romance like the one we see in the movies. The song is slow, but has a strong chorus and a perfect bridge, which is typical of this American artist!

best friend

Do you know that friend who is always there for you in your life? You don’t need to talk to each other every day, but the complicity and loyalty that exists between you both is undeniable, in good and in bad times. “Best friend” is exactly about that!

With ironic and funny lyrics, typical of Conan Gray, the song is about friendship. One good quote that brings the drama present in Superache is: “Made a promise that I’m gonna marry you If we’re both still single by, like, thirty-two And that shit is gonna end up being true cause I hate, like, everyone except for you”. This song is upbeat and excellent to listen to with friends! How about listening and dedicating it to your BFF?

family line

Undoubtedly, most of Gray’s songs have relationships and heartbreaks as their main theme. However, “Family line” is different. It brings a personal account of family issues. In the track, the narrator recounts the violence that his mother suffered from his father during his childhood and shows the difficulty of dealing with these hard and sad roots.

The lyric “All of my past, I tried to erase it but now I see, would I even change it? Might share a face and share a last name, but (we are not the same)” sums up the idea that Conan is telling us in this music. The song is deep and sad, but also shows strength and brings up relevant subjects about society! It’s worth listening to!

The exit

“The exit” is the last track of Superache. Not coincidentally, the song can also be interpreted as a great summary of many subjects that appear throughout the album. “Exciting” and “intense” are just some of the words that can describe track 12 of Conan´s latest work.

The line “feels like we had matching wounds but mine’s still black and bruised and yours is perfectly fine” expresses the goal of the song: show that after the end of a relationship, one member of the couple seems to have overcome the breakup, while the other still suffers from everything that happened. Certainly, “The exit” is one of the jewels of the album! 

Did you like getting to know a little bit more about Superache? So don’t waste time and go listen to the songs ones you don´t didn’t know yet! You won’t regret it!


The article above was edited by Lorena Lindenberg.

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