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Lollapalooza Brasil: 7 Tips For Those Attending To The Festival For The First Time

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Is festival season, baby! Lollapalooza is finally here, and Her Campus @ Cásper Líbero separated all of these tips and tricks for those who are newbies to this whole scene.

Without further ado, let’s go into it:

Bring your Raincoat

It rains every year at Lollapalooza and my shoes always get so wet that, when I come home, there’s still water in them. There aren’t many places to hide from the rain at the festival, so if is there any sign of a storm coming, and you don’t have a raincoat, most definitely you will get wet.

It’s essential to just have a raincoat in your bag so that you can still enjoy your show without getting soaked. This year I’m surely not going to forget mine and neither should you.


At the festival, there is a specific and small number of chairs and tables that are always being used when you just want to sit and eat. It can get hard to find a good spot to relax and stay comfortable.

So, instead of eating standing up or sitting on the floor, you can always bring a beach yoke. It’s going to prevent your clothes from being dirty, and you can also sit on them on the grass and watch your concerts comfortably. Trust me, your feet are going to thank me later.


Believe me, you are not going to want to arrive by car. You can easily be stuck in traffic for 30 minutes just to leave the parking lot. Using public transportation is the best and cheapest way to arrive and leave the festival. You just have to exit the train when you arrive at the last station called “Autódromo” from Line Nine — “Esmeralda”. There is going to be signalization indicating where you should go from the moment you leave the station until you arrive at the festival, and the same goes for when you leave it and arrive at the station.

It is also important to remember that most of the time there is no danger of getting public transportation at night because it will be packed with people. I’m certain you are not going to be alone.


As you must know, Lollapalooza takes place at the “Autódromo de Interlagos”, which is almost entirely in the open air. Therefore, you will be exposed to a great amount of sunlight that may seem harmless at the beginning but, in the long term, it can bring you some issues, such as headaches and insolations.

To prevent those situations from happening, don’t forget to put on a gigantic amount of sunscreen and maybe use a hat to protect yourself a little better. Your dermatologist will love you for that, and later you will love me too.


This is a very important step before going to the festival: always listen to the artists that are confirmed in the lineup. It is a great opportunity to get to know new musicians and don’t lose their shows. You would be surprised by how many new good artists you’ll get to know just by studying the lineup.

Besides that, it’s nice to highlight the concerts schedule with some colors. You can use yellow for the shows that you are certain you want to go to, orange for the ones that you’ll go to if you don’t have anything else that you really want to experience, and red for the ones that you definitely don’t want to watch. In this way, you’re not going to be lost or late for a show, and you can always check on your phone.


The chef stage is a great space where you can find many types of foods. Of course, there are still going to be food trucks distributed by the festival, and they are really delicious.

However, the chef stage is a special experience because they have a great variety of foods from a lot of great restaurants, all concentrated in the same space. You can easily eat Arabic food and get a Brazilian dessert altogether without walking more than 20 steps.

Get the map

When you arrive at the festival, they distribute a map of the place, which is very informative. With it, you can find where the stages are, the hour of every show and other important information about the bathrooms and where you can eat.

Without this map, it can get confusing about where everything is, and it will take a lot of steps to find the places that you want to go. So, don’t forget to pick up yours!

Lollapalooza is a wonderful and unique experience. I always say that this festival, it’s not just about the artists and the shows. There is so much more to enjoy there. It’s the whole vibe of good food, great places, awesome artists, and many people.

Take care of yourself and your bag, and it will probably be one of the most special experiences of the year.


The article above was written by Beatriz Alcântara and edited by Lorena Lindenberg.
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