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Young, talented and original. These three words aren’t enough to describe the magnitude of the recent phenomenon called Conan Gray. Although he has just started his career, it is notorious that his sensibility will surprise many people around the world. His songs convey all the love and feelings people experience in relationships and the best part is: they are easy to relate to because these songs have different stories and points of view. From the pain of falling in love with a person that loves somebody else to the hate towards all the “crush culture”, these songs combine deep lyrics and interesting rhythms!

Also it is important to mention the poetic lyrics in many verses written by this singer throughout his EP Sunset Season (2018) and his album Kid Krow (2020). So, if you want to know more about this young songwriter, read about 5 Conan Gray’s songs that you should listen to right away!

1. Lookalike (Sunset Season, 2018)

Lookalike tells the story of a person that ended a relationship recently and now sees their loved one with someone else. One tear-jerking part is the chorus “when you look in his eyes, do you think of mine? And when you look at that smile, do I cross your mind? I know in your head you see me instead”. This way, the singer dedicates almost the entire song to telling that his ex is with his lookalike. However, at the end of the song, he admits that: ” I sometimes, maybe, might think about you at night, well almost every night”. So he finally says that although he is trying to hide it, it is probably him that needs a lookalike of the ex. This song has poetic lyrics and also a special melody that makes it unique and touching!

2.Crush Culture (Sunset Season, 2018)

Crush Culture is certainly the most surprising and ironic song written by Conan. Although he became famous for writing and singing songs about love and how deep and intense it is to fall in love, he also expresses all the games of manipulation that exist in the “crush culture”. This song is criticizing many behaviours involving relationships and dating: “My God, don’t look at your phone/ No one’s gonna call you/ Quit checking your volume” and “Oh no, don’t look in their eyes/ Cause that’s how they get you/ Kiss you then forget you”. Moreover, the song is about the mixed feelings of being annoyed by the “kissing cult”, but feeling “sad and lonely” for not being a part of that. 

3. Heather (Kid Krow, 2020)

Heather is one of the most famous songs of this asian-american songwriter. It tells Conan’s highschool experience of falling in love with a person who is in love with Heather, the class’ perfect “angel”, and all the delusion, jealousy and shame that comes with hating someone amazing: “But how could I hate her? She’s such an angel / But then again, kinda wish she were dead as she walks by / What a sight for sore eyes”. Another interesting part that represents the story is the sweater’s metaphor because at the beginning of the song he said that his crush gave him their sweater, but at the chorus he says: “Why would you ever kiss me?/ I’m not even half as pretty/ You gave her your sweater/ It’s just polyester, but you like her better”. Therefore, the song’s success is due to all of these extremely relatable elements regarding teen romance.

4.Wish you were sober (Kid Krow, 2020)

Certainly almost everyone once felt like Conan in Wish you were sober specially when you have someone who just wants to be with you when they are drunk and only admits they like you as soon as the party is over. This situation is very well written in the lines: “Trade drinks, but you don’t even know her/ Save me till the party is over/ Kiss me in the seat of your Rover/ Real sweet, but I wish you were sober”.  The feeling of being an outsider in a place filled with strangers where the music is too loud is also perfectly portrayed in the music video’s atmosphere. If you are looking for an energetic and upbeat song to dance around your room with your friends, Wish you were sober is the perfect choice!

5.Astronomy (2021)

Astronomy is an emotional, depressing and sentimental song expected to be on Gray’s next album. The poetic lyrics express a relationship that has already ended but only one part can see that while the other still wants to keep trying to make it work: “Stop tryna keep us alive/ You can’t force the stars to align/ When they’ve already died”. The comparison between astronomy and the couple is beautifully crafted throughout the verses, such as in: “As much as it seems like you own my heart; It’s astronomy, we’re two worlds apart”. This song shows in a meaningful way that sometimes it is better to acknowledge the good memories and just let them go.

So, if you are keen on listening to songs about love, relationships, breakups and so much more, don’t hesitate to stream all of Conan Gray’s songs and dive into his special and surprising universe!

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