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Is Olivia Rodrigo distributing abortion pills at her shows? Understand what’s going on

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Since the beginning of Olivia Rodrigo‘s career, she has always been politically present. In 2021, the singer was invited to the White House by President Joe Biden to talk about the importance of the COVID vaccination on the youth population and has always encouraged her fans to vote.

In 2022, during her performance at Glastonbury, together with Lily Allen, she dedicated a song called Fuck You to the Supreme Court Justices who had just overturned Roe V. Wade (a landmark that protects abortion rights). But her story with politics doesn’t stop there! The Gen Z pop star is causing a lot of controversy during her new world tour: GUTS.

A couple of hours before her comeback to the stage, the singer shared with her fans how excited she was to launch the Found 4 Good. An initiative, together with her tour, to raise money to support girls, women, and people who are looking for reproductive health freedom.

The real problem started during her concert in St. Louis, Missouri in the US leg, when the 21-year-old singer invited the Missouri Abortion Fund, a local organization, to give information about abortion, as well as distribute condoms, and boxes of Julie, an emergency contraceptive that works to prevent pregnancy much like Plan B (morning after pill).

The state of Missouri banned the right to have an abortion in 2022, making anti-abortion advocates and Republicans – who already said she was a bad influence on this generation because of her style of songwriting – even more horrified by the young girl’s acts.

The impact that Olivia has on teenagers is astronomical. Since the first album SOUR, her lyrics have been so full of emotions, such as jealousy, vengeance, and rage, that are often condemned when women voice them, making her even more famous because of how relatable her feelings are.

Because of the repercussions of her acts, the former Disney Channel actress has decided to take a step back. Her team was concerned about the children who were present at her concerts. The goal is to still have sexual, women, and abortion health booths at all of her world tours, even though they’ll only give information and merchandise, such as badges, T-shirts, and stickers.


The article above was edited by Clarissa Palácio.

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