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Incense’s Power: How To Use Them To Raise Your Vibe And Improve Your Health

Incenses have been used for centuries and for different functions. Originating in the Middle East, they are commonly associated with the use in religions, such as Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhism, Hinduism, among others. But, in addition to this use, incenses are also present, for example, in rituals of individual beliefs, because many people believe that they can help in the energetic cleaning of our homes, as well as they can be used during meditation practices, in aromatherapy and to scent environments. If you want to know more about the uses and possibilities of this oriental technique, just take a look at the list below. Her Campus Cásper Líbero separated important tips and information for you to end the year cleaning up your energy!

 Experiences and uses of incense to be inspired by

The Internationalist Yumi Kamozaki started using incenses to improve the environment, making it lighter. Today, this is still one of the purposes for which she uses them, but over time, she has discovered other possibilities and uses: now, Yumi also uses them to help her to connect with herself during meditations. “Every morning I light incense to pray, read and meditate. My day starts lighter. I’m more concentrated and more focused on my activities for the day ”, she says.

What about the purchase? Care and tips

Just as having plants at home brings health benefits, the use of incenses also helps in well-being, both bodily and spiritual. That's because herbs, woods and essential oils are used in its composition: all natural! Well, but when buying them, it’s important to pay attention to the composition of the product, since some manufacturers use elements that are not healthy for our body, which can harm the respiratory system.

Daniella Boccuto, an Integrative therapist, says that we should look for good quality incense, mostly natural, as they are made using only herbs, flowers, spices, aromatic woods and natural resins. In addition to not causing damage to health, they are the ones that have a better cost-benefit ratio, since they take longer to burn.

Daniella explains that natural incense is usually made by hand, on a smaller scale and by small companies and entrepreneurs, and that the composition contains fresh leaves, in their natural form. In this way, the final product preserves a greater amount of vital energy from the natural elements used. Incenses produced on a large scale, on the other hand, use pressed and more crushed herbs, in addition to harmful elements, such as coal.

Other complementary products and suggested aromas

To include the use of incenses in your routine, it’s indicated that you have a censer. This object can have different shapes and be made of different materials and can cost from R$ 5 to R$ 200. Now, when choosing the aroma, it’s important to think about what we would like to attract and for what purpose. Even though there is no religious intention, incenses are associated with plants that bring out sensations in our bodies. In her Instagram profile (@amaterazuterapias), Daniella creates content about how botany can help us in our daily lives. Choosing an incense is also directly linked to what we want for ourselves and our environment. Each plant (like incense) has its function: lavender, for example, is used to bring harmony; lemongrass, to help fight anxiety; rosemary, for purification; and Palo Santo, is used against negative energies.

Yumi, an internationalist, uses the aromas of Masala, 7 herbs and Frankincense. She says she is a person with a very sensitive sense of smell and, therefore, smells have a great influence on her mood. “Incense sticks help me to relax depending on the smell, some instantly calm me down and I meditate much faster,” she comments.

Contraindications and harms: do they exist?

When asked about the harm that incenses can bring, Daniella is assertive: “I always say that the difference between what heals and what poisons is in the dose! Incense can cause allergies, irritability of smell and, for those dealing with chronic respiratory issues, such as bronchitis and asthma, it can cause or potentiate crises”. According to her, the tip is simple: "Use responsibly and respect other people who may be in the room, always with good air circulation of the environments, so that there is no concentration of smoke that can bring discomfort."

Well, now that you know a little bit about the "incense's power", what if looking forward? If you want to have access to more information on the topic, the “Escola Esotérica” channel, on YouTube, brings some tips and information about the use of incense, and about other different types of healing! Go check it out!


The article above was translated by Giovanna Favero and edited by Helena Cardoso.

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