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Hollywood’s new heartthrob: get to know Nicholas Galitzine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Charming, handsome and talented are some of the adjectives one could use to describe Nicholas Galitzine, the boy who has been conquering everyone’s hearts. 

You might recognize him from playing a beautiful prince whether from Cinderella (2021) or Red, White and Royal Blue (2023). Whatever it is, Galitzine is way more than a fine looking young man, so let’s get to know him!

Nicholas was born on September 29th, 1994 in London, from Geoffrey Leo Alexander Galitzine and Lora Maria Konstantina Papayanni. He has an older sister called Lexi Galitzine.

The actor who has our hearts was actually supposed to be the player who has our hearts. In an interview to Backstage, Nicholas said that he trained rugby professionally until he was 17 years old, but then left the sport : “The more I got hurt, the more I disagreed with the fundamentals of the community”, he says. Luck for us, I guess.

In the same interview, he reveals that, while acting in a play for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, he was discovered by a talent agency. So, in 2014, his first ever role in a film arrived: playing Tom in The Beat Beneath My Feet.

Even though his career as an actor was going somewhere, he still had to have part time jobs such as at Abercrombie & Fitch and in a yogurt shop – coworking with the iconic Simone Ashley

He began to get recognized only in 2021, after playing prince charming in the 41% rank in Rottentomatoes, Cinderella. Around stars in the production , Galitzine told VOGUE that, “I felt so out of place on set”. 

But he was soon to be one of the main stars in other casts, with the release of Netflix’s Purple Hearts,  on July 29th 2022. He confessed to Today that he was afraid no one would see it because it is, as he says, a “small indie film”. Turns out it became the third most popular English language movie of 2022, but before that, as Purple Hearts was getting  popular, he was texting his co-star, Sofia Carson, and were both unbelieving the proportions that the movie was reaching. 

A little bit before that, Nicholas was announced as Prince Henry in the movie adaptation of the best seller, Red, White and Royal Blue – such a big responsibility, since the books’ fandom is one of a kind, “It’s obviously a role that people felt extremely protective and passionate over. And I think there will always be trepidation from an audience, a fan base of an existing IP when you adapt it into a film”, he said to Goldderby.

On August 11th 2023, when the Prime Video’s phenomenon that hit n.1 on the weekend following its debut came out, we all knew that he would not leave our screens so early. 

A few weeks later, he starred as Jeff, in the comedic masterpiece, Bottoms, a dump high school football player – when art imitates arts, except for the dumb part. 

Sadly, an actors strike was happening when both movies premiered so Nicholas was not able to promote any of them… 

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But 2024 arrives and, with it, another book adaptation, starring Galitizine, this time, co-starring with the one and only, Anne Hathaway! Approved as “fresh” in RottenTomatoes (82%) and accumulating 50 million viewers within two weeks of its launch, The Idea of You is Nicholas’ most recent movie and probably most popular, it can engage a large audience, from mothers and Wattpad readers… 

It is too soon to tell, but Nicholas’ career might never be the same after this movie and we will see him much more frequently and in bigger and more responsible roles! The Nicholas Galitzine World Domination has begun! 


The article above was edited by Maria Esther Cortez.

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