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Going Vegan: Why To Change Your Diet and Lifestyle?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

People usually think that becoming vegan means that you cannot eat almost nothing anymore, as well as wearing or using anything only because they can’t imagine alternative options to replace the old ones – but that’s so not true. According to The Vegan Society, changing your eating habits is not only related to the emotional attachment with animals and their exploitation, and yet also it may include other matters, as the carbon footprint, the development of high levels of malnutrition and the exacerbated usage of natural resources that have been running out quickly, for instance.

So why to go vegan?

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1. Health  

Many people reckon that the consumption of some animal products is essential for the human diet, like milk, egg and meat. Nevertheless, there’re guidelines that help us to change our diet healthily, like the Meat Free Monday supported by Paul McCartney, that consists “in a not-for-profit campaign which aims to raise awareness of the detrimental environmental impact of eating meat, and to encourage people to help slow climate change, conserve precious natural resources and improve their health by having at least one meat free day each week.” Watch here how the one day at a time project can help!

Besides that, you must get a well-planned vegan diet to keep the nutrients balanced, what claims to creativity in recipes and ingredients to replace the animal proteins and maintain a long-term vegan health. So, always listen to what your nutritionist has to say.

2. Environment

The livestock has increased wildly through decades as a manner of accompanying the population outbreak, occurred in the mid-late 1960s. As a result, it’s caused several problems related to hydric scarcity (it takes nearly 15,500L of water to produce 1kg of beef). On this account, the farming produces much more feed to the grazing cattle rather than to the people consume, what causes a vast list of social issues, as food shortage that affects mostly the poorest population and also increases the world’s water requirements. Besides, there’re the hydric pollution caused by industry waste and cows flatulence released into the atmosphere, which worsen the greenhouse effect and, consequently, the global warming.

3. Lifestyle

Veganism is a philosophy that supports animal rights and protection against any kind of purpose, which has the intention of using them for entertainment, food or even tests in order to profit with it or only practice cruelty. Animal products mainly used as cosmetics, clothing and furniture may be replaced by vegetal and recycling ones. Many of them can be done by the popular method known as DIY, what means ‘do it yourself’.

Although you might face many difficulties all long the way in this process of transition and adaptation, vegan people must research a lot before consuming any product, what is able since they’ve been sharing information and tips about this lifestyle in virtual communities, what is making many brands and entrepreneurs who support this cause pop up. Those are the main reasons to change your diet even with small actions. So think about all the consequences that it may cause to the planet, and mostly, to other living beings such as you.

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