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Get To Know The “Hippie Dad Style”: The Fashion Trend Worn By Chris Pine And Brad Pitt

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It ‘s not from today that the famous middle-age crisis is a topic in Hollywood. Actors and actresses start to get old and need a refresh to feel alive.

Nowadays, we are on a nostalgic wave in the fashion world. One of the reasons is the pandemic, but we have to consider that the style is always cyclic. And, if we mix these two factors… we will arrive in a new cinematographic city actor’s trend: The Hippie Dad Style. 

blonde hair, floral shirts and BOHO CHARM

It’s time for seventies reign again and the vintage has never been so cool! In other words, get ready to see many bohemians and gypsies outfits around the magazines and paparazzis photos. Chris Pine, one of the most stylish Hollywood stars, leaves the hair and beard growing in and isn’t afraid to risk his style.  

The actor turned fan of brand Bode with floral shirts matched with patterned pants and Gucci moccasin to give this bohemian air.

More hippies in the area

Another style icon is Brad Pitt. The Hollywood sweetheart incorporates the hippie aesthetic too and bet on a memory of “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”, using looks that remind his character in the awarded movie. In addition, the actor started making ceramics and launched a collection of shirts with a spiritual healer for 2000 dollars!

The upcoming actor – and well-established singer – Harry Styles also deserves a mention! Loved by teenagers and portraying a fashionable young icon, the artist risked himself in a boho vibe recently, wearing colorful glasses, knitting shirts and mixing vintage necklaces. The “Watermelon Sugar” music video is an example of his charm.

The Hippie Dad Style is an alternative for men who don’t want to dress too starched, developing a tendency to try to be younger and cooler with their clothing choices.


The article above was written by Sophia Claro and edited by Mariana do Patrocínio.

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