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Get to know Endrick, the Brazilian new promise of Real Madrid

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Treated as the generation’s greatest revelation in Brazilian soccer, Endrick has already amassed five titles with Palmeiras professional team and continues to break world records at just 17 years old. The young talent is emerging as a true superstar in the sports media and, with impressive performances, got the chance to play for the Spanish multi-champion team Real Madrid.


Born in the small town of Taguatinga, Federal District, Endrick has had soccer present in his life since an early age. Even with the financial difficulties faced by the family, he was always encouraged to play soccer, especially by his father, Douglas Ramos, who noticed his special talent and went to great lengths to ensure his son joined a top team. The family went through tough times, and because of that, Endrick always made a great effort to give his best on the field.

 “The life we’re living now didn’t come out of nowhere. It was earned, with a lot of hard work and many tears.”

Endrick in a letter to his younger brother, Noah, last month.

The text, written by the player with the help of his parents and published by “The Players Tribune”, was the subject of numerous media outlets around the world and gained a lot of evidence due to the mature and sentimental tone of his words.

When the player was only 9 years old, Douglas started to record videos of plays and moves involving the kid and post them on social media. Later, these videos became Endrick’s gateway to professional soccer, as they were watched by an important recruiter from Palmeiras’ team.

The renowned João Paulo Sampaio recalls receiving a lot of videos from various regions and rarely did anything catch his attention. However, on a March night in 2016, a recording showing Endrick’s skills aroused his interest.

Other teams from São Paulo also got in touch with the boy, such as Santos and São Paulo. However, it was Palmeiras who offered the best proposal, which included a janitorial job at the training center for the player’s father.


Endrick running up to his Dad to hug him after he scored his first goal at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. The stadium that he will call his home from next summer on🏟️🔥 #endrick #brasil #brazil #santiagobernabeu #realmadrid

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The Journey to the Professional Team of Palmeiras

With his arrival in São Paulo’s capital and, consequently, at Palmeiras’ youth team, Endrick joined the club’s under-11 team and quickly stood out by winning two titles in the category: the Campeonato Paulista (Paulista Championship) and the Bellmare Cup. Over the years, he accumulated titles and awards in all categories of the team (such as the Copa do Brasil Under-17 and the Paulistas Under-13 and Under-15), but it was only in 2022 that the player began to be noted worldwide.

In that year, at just 15 years old, Endrick competed in the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior (São Paulo’s Junior Soccer Cup). He scored six goals in seven games of the competition and became the top scorer of his team, which won, for the first time, the biggest tournament for youth teams in Brazil.

From then on, the young player began to be called up for sporadic training sessions with the professional team. Soon, the coaching staff and the multi-champion Abel Ferreira, the team’s coach, found a place for Endrick in the team, who didn’t take long to show his skills to the public and earn a position on Abel’s tactical scheme.

In the main team, the player already has 5 titles: two Campeonatos Brasileiros (Brazilian Championship) in 2022 and 2023, two Campeonatos Paulistas (Paulista Championship) in 2023 and 2024, and a Supercopa do Brasil (Brazilian Super-Cup) in 2023. He was the standout player for Palmeiras in the historic comeback of the Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian Championship) in 2023.


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Brazil’s new golden boy

With the success achieved in Brazilian football, Endrick began to be called up for his country’s national team and, along with some other players, arrived as a breath of fresh air to the team.

After several years of consecutive disappointments for Brazilian football fans, the new generation of players carries the burden of showing an improvement in results. And Endrick has been fulfilling this objective.

With only four matches for the national team, the athlete has already scored two goals and keeps showing that he wants to be in his best form to help the team regain confidence and, finally, get back to winning some titles.

Real Madrid’s upcoming superstar

Due to his skills and positive media attention, Endrick received an offer from one of the best-trained teams in the world with a high-value squad: Real Madrid.

After a lucrative and multimillion-dollar transfer from his original club (around 72 million euros), Endrick will join the Spanish team when he turns eighteen and is expected to play alongside his national teammates Vini Jr. and Rodrygo. In addition, the young Jude Bellingham, one of the new stars of world football, is also part of the squad.

Madridistas are already creating high expectations for the Brazilian’s arrival, who promises to deliver top-quality football. In the friendly match against the Spanish national team on the 26th, several Real Madrid fans were at the Bernabéu Stadium to see Endrick’s talent up close.

The future of Endrick

As Palmeiras and its fans get ready to “say goodbye” to Endrick, there’s an expectation that the player will shine on the international stage, carrying with him the passion and talent that so proudly represents Brazilian football.

The young player often gives interviews in a centered tone and seeks to convey the image of someone focused and responsible, despite his age. He stands out for his maturity and humility on and off the field, showcasing the potential to achieve remarkable feats in his career.  

Breaking records

Like all players who stand out in a particular era, Endrick accumulated records in all of his professional life. Among them:

  • Youngest athlete to play for Palmeiras in its entire history (16 years, two months, and 15 days);
  • First athlete in history to win titles for Palmeiras in all categories (Under-11, Under-13, Under-15, Under-17, Under-20, and Professional);
  • Most expensive player in Palmeiras’ history (72 million euros);
  • Youngest player to score in a match of senior national teams at Wembley Stadium, one of the most traditional in the world;
  • Fourth youngest in history to score a goal wearing the national team jersey (17 years and 246 days).


The article above was edited by Giulia Giampietro.

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