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Get To Know The Group Of TikTokers That Make Up The “Nice House”: How Do These Influencers’ Houses Work?

The app of the moment is TikTok and nobody can deny it! The platform was famous before the quarantine. However, with all that happened in the world, the social media app exploded spectacularly. Through it, every day, new songs become famous, new trends are created and creators of digital content grow and become the known “TikTokers”. These influencers, in 2019, discovered a way of making even more success inside this digital world by joining and creating the popular houses of content, like the Nice House Brazil (@nicehousebr) and The Hype House (@thehypehouse), for example.

How did this trend come about?

The houses of content focused on TikTok emerged initially in Los Angeles, United States. The first mansion of “TikTokers” was The Hype House, which helped people like Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae, for example, to achieve the success they make these days. This mansion of content appeared in 2019 and exists until today. Soon after many others were created with the same goal, which was to record at least three TikTok's per day and produce content on social media with other house members. The Hype House served as an inspiration to Nice House Brazil.

How did it start in Brazil?

Nice House Brazil was created during the pandemic, so it served many of its followers and content creators as a form of entertainment. The House was founded by Gustavo Meira, Vitor Choi, Mari Galindo, and William Amaral, that developed the idea based on the mansions of the United States and noticed that in our country there was not one that followed the same pattern producing content in partnership with others creators and with a marketing strategy developed with companies that have a big name in the market.

And what is the purpose of the project after all?

The content house managed to develop an amazing collaboration with many brands, every publication by the influencers to promote these brands is completely free and creative, there are no chains or scripts that they rigidly have to follow like other Brazilian creators do when they promote a product. The heart of the campaign is the product and the influencer, not only the product in question like it always happens, this is a differentiation that promotes the relevance and the engagement of the advertising in any social media. Nice House has partnerships with big brands such as Outback, Warner Bros, and Deezer.

How were the members chosen?

The selection process for Nice House BR was very different and inclusive as for the other content houses, instead of only going after people who had a great follower count, as the others did, and not giving opportunity for those who really deserved it, Nice House BR, for instance, had its process focused on people accordingly with their talents and creativity on the web, and not only by their follower count. The competition was a success, there were a series of challenges that already featured partnered brands, the #NiceHouseBr, and also more than 70.000.000 views in total. The engagement and expectations of the followers were outstanding, everything about the process was commented on the web, even with an original song named "Quero entrar na Nice House".

And how do the Nicers live?

The seven selected live in a house at São Paulo, where they have access to a structure with musical producer, filmmaker, video editor and surroundings especially for video recordings, everything in the house was structured so that the influencer can evolve in any desired social media areas they wish for.


The article above was translated by Bárbara Castro and Isabela Novelli Maciel and edited by Amanda Ardigó.

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