Everything You Need to Know About Season 3 Of 'On My Block'

One thing we know is that Netflix’s “On My Block” loves to leave us in suspense, mostly at the end of season one and two as we saw. But don’t get your hopes too high that things will be different by the ending of season three! 

  1. 1. Here's what we know about On My Block:

    The TV Show made by Netflix has 8 episodes with the average of 28 minutes each, making you want more. It’s a series that fascinates the audience, bringing realistic subjects, focused on underrepresented communities.

    On My Block is a mix of everything you want to see. It’s about romantic love, but also about friendship and family. Despite being a dramatic series, the comedy takes over and ends up being the main highlight, bringing lots of laughs.

  2. 2. What About Season 3?

    As we know, the other seasons never focused on characters that were not the main ones, but everything changes in this one. Season 3 focuses a lot on Oscar and Jasmine. The return of a living dead is one of the main reasons for the turn of the series. The teenagers come together once again to unravel the mystery through a dangerous woman, who puts them into a life-or-death game. As the protagonists are teenagers, the series gains more intensity.

    Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the trailer!

On My Block treats delicate subjects with intelligent humor, bringing a soundtrack that characterizes the marginalized style. The entire soundtrack is available on Spotify and is, definitely, a must listen!


The article above was edited by Amanda Oestreich. 

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