Everybody's New Obsession: A Guide on How to Wear Millennial Pink

Similar to last year’s Pantone Rose Quartz, the pale shade of pink, called Millennial Pink, is the hottest color, and has trendsetter. Its name comes from the Y generation, and brings with itself the redetermination of the pink color and the genderless appeal. 

“It’s nostalgic and is present in the childhood memories, in milkshakes and pâtisserie, besides bringing a romantic, sweet, comfortable and tender feeling. But now, what we see is different: pink has emancipated itself and took over”, says the über trendhunter Lili Tedde.

When we look for “millennial pink” on the internet, we find lots of elaborated looks and well taken pics. And it’s easy to incorporate this trend to your daily look!  We separated a few tips that will help you to match this color tone. 

1. Wearing it as a third-piece is a great way to engage the trend and investing in a third-piece is a good idea. It allows you to combine with different clothes and occasions. 

2. Another great way to join the trend is to wear it with an old classic: jeans. It allows you to create from soft and timeless to a fashionable and contemporary look. 

3. With neutral colors like white, black, beige and grey, it is easy to match - besides that, the color gets highlighted. 

4. If you like a more discreet look, you can wear the color in accessories or makeup. Here you will find more about the pink makeup. 

5. We also love to combine them with military green, burgundy, camel or metallic colors! 

6. For the fashionistas, the monochrome look is amazing! Wearing it with hot colors is another option! 

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