Do You Know All the Cásper Líbero Parties? Check Out The Full List

Better than be approved on college, is to imagine what will be the parties that will liven up your college year! You know what's going on at Casper? Check out a full list!

Cásper Líbero Parties

Cervejada dos Bixos

Welcome to your new home! With a lot animation, like when you get something new, the beerfest have a surreal energy with lots of beer, of course! Battery playing, Aguante singing and freshmen going crazy. Don't you like beer? Calm down! It also has other options like soda and sometimes even a "Chupingole boom". The party happens during the afternoon and the student entrance goes for R$ 40.


The first club party of your college has a surprise element: the theme. You will only descover it close to the party date. What wait for us this year? The party starts at night until dawn. The student entrance costs around R$70.


College games coming up, the heats could not be better! A beerfest worthy of JUCA, the party is included if you buy the package for the games. However, if you wont go and still want to drink until you drop, the price varies from R$ 40.


Coming back from the games, that sadness will hit. But do not worry, because the post-JUCA comes to fill the homesickness, to remember the best moments and the hymns of the 4 most incredible days of its year! Like every good beerfest the drink is open, including beer, soda water and always something new. The student entrance is usually around R$ 40.

Pororoca Louca

The most insane fantasy party, Pororoca is one of the most awaited by Casperians and not Casperians. After all, who does not love being something else for a day? The party is full, so do not waste your time in ensuring your ticket. It starts at night and divides between lane and stateroom, in which the value is about R$ 80 lane and R$ 100 stateroom.

Arriba Cásper

Do you want funk, @? One of the funniest parties, with people from all faculties, and presentations of great names, you will not want to miss right? With a selection of drinks for all tastes – specially tequila – and some even more special for those who stay in the cabin! The party is night and its price goes from R$ 70.


Who does not like a pool party? And a university party pool, then? In December with the arrival of the holidays and the summer, arrives also the most desired beer! Always full of surprises and news, whether it's an ice cream boom or an incredible drink, there's no way you do not like this party! Just like all the beerfest, the student entrance goes for R$ 40.