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Cottagecore: Get To Know This Fashion Trend Inspired By A Bucolic Aesthetic

Have you already heard of Cottagecore? Gone are the days when only fashion shows and magazines decided what’s in fashion, and the internet is here to prove it! Tumbler has always been a place where it girls launched trends, but a new social media has attracted the attention of fashionistas: TikTok! It was there that the Cottagecore aesthetic gained strength and began to flood our feeds with serene images of country life.

A woman with a tea full of flowers
Photo by Disha Sheta from Pexels

Considered a subculture of the Generation Z, Cottagecore has been around with this name since 2018, but it was in 2020 that it really got into the heads of young people. And this was not by chance: the comeback of this aesthetic is all about the moment in which we are living. The anxiety and stress caused by the pandemic brought the need to escape from this chaotic reality. Cottagecore has resurfaced as a way to go back to simpler times. As The New York Times has pointed out, this expresses our “desire to live in a world outside of the one we’re currently inhabited“.

Two people walking in a rural ambience
Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

Cottagecore’s references are the rural environment and its simple lifestyle. Everything is thought out in the smallest details to convey the serenity of the countryside. The romantic atmosphere is created from the use of soft colors, rustic elements and delicate touches. Based on these characteristics, it is very easy to identify this aesthetics, everything is capricious and nostalgic, with peculiar and ecological elements that reflect our need for security and harmony.

picnic spread with fruit
Photo by ???? ???????? from Pexels

In fashion, Cottagecore also manifests itself in a very specific way. Think of handmade things, light fabrics, earthy tones, floral prints and vintage pieces. Fluid dresses and jeans overalls are some of the main pieces, as well as cardigans, mid skirts and puffed sleeves. For accessories, bet on bows, straw bags and hair scarfs. Then you just need to find a little corner of nature and take the perfect photo. Or why not have a picnic at home? Sounds pretty fun!

A girl sit in a forest with fruits
Photo by Trãn Long from Pexels

Cottagecore is nothing more than a warm blanket that welcomes you in difficult times. Have fun with this trend and take the opportunity to forget for a little the hustle and bustle of everyday life!


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso.

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