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Contraceptive Pill: Here’s What You Should Know About It

After talking to some 15-18 years old girls, I found out that many of them are still in doubt about contraceptive pills. That´s why this article is going to answer the most common questions with secure source.

1. Can everybody use contraceptive pills?

NO! According to Dr. Drauzio Varella, if you want to start using contraceptive pills, you should take some medical exams and talk to a gynecologist. “Woman with venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism in the family or victims of heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, smokers and many other circumstances can interfere on the doctor´s answer for this question”, stated the doctor in an interview.

2. Are all contraceptive pills the same? 

NO! Dr. Daniella Franco Leanza explained that “hormones combined pills are prohibited for some ‘risk groups’”, because of the estrogen in it´s composition. Each person has a specific body that will combine with a type of contraceptive capsule.

3. What about the collateral effects?

According to doctors:

After taking the pill recommended by your doctor and having collateral effects, even when the periodicity is respected, the right thing to do is to visit the gynecologist again, so he or she will give another type of contraceptive capsule.

According to women who disagree with the idea of introducing more hormones with no real need:

If your body is working well without inserting extra hormones, you must know that the pills could cause a big discomfort – like swelling, unusual PMS and even some diseases in long-term users.

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4. What is the best alternative method when you want to avoid the pill and pregnancy at the same time?

Dr. Taisa Catania, gynecologist, obstetrician and specialist in humanized childbirth, said that intrauterine device made of cooper is a good option.

5. What is the “day after pill”?

According to Dr. Albertina Takiut, it is a capsule with about half of the quantity of hormones taken in a month of the usual contraceptive pill, which has the same contraindications and must be ingested as soon as possible after the sex without protection. However, not always it can avoid pregnancy. Dr. Takiuti also explains that when woman take both types of pill more than once in a year, your period could get unregulated, causing acne, oil hair, swelling and other consequences.

When reading many articles on birth control pills, the best option is always schedule an appointment with your doctor to understand how your body works and to really take care of yourself. 

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