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#8 Girls With Disabilities For You To Follow On Instagram

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

A very positive point of the arrival of new generations is that, with them, themes such as accessibility and inclusion are becoming more common in conversations and especially in social networks. So, to exalt the work of some digital influencers with disabilities, we made a list of suggestions with incredible women for you to follow. Take a look!

Belly Palma (@bellypalma)

Belly Palma is a graduated Administrator by FAAP and Manager of Inclusive Fashion at the “Department for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the Government of the State of São Paulo”.

She was born with a bad spine formation called Myelomeningocele, which is nothing more than a spinal cord malformation. So, she has paraplegia and, as she was born with a disability her whole life, she learned how to get around with the occasions, moments in her favor and directing her eyes to what she could do. Inclusion has always been a part of her in a natural way and her main purpose is to bring inclusive thinking to as many people as possible.

Heloísa Rocha (@modaemrodas)

From Sergipe, the journalist Heloísa Rocha was born with imperfect osteogenesis, the so-called “glass bones”.

Passionate about fashion, she created the instablog “Moda em Rodas”, a project in which she started to share her looks and purchases from her wardrobe to show that, even with less than a meter in height and 20 kilos, it is possible to be included and be a fashion blogger. Her Instagram’s profile is also a place to exchange fashion information with other women with disabilities. Nowadays she is a speaker and has readers from all over the world who love her colorful and trendy looks of the day.

Laís Souza (@lalikasouza)

Former athlete of artistic gymnastics, Laís Souza shows his evolution in physiotherapy after suffering an injury to the third vertebra (C3) while preparing for an aerial ski event for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. At that time, Laís collided with a tree in Salt Lake City, in the United States, and lost movement, sensitivity and control of all the organs below the neck.

Lorrane Silva (@_pequenalo)

Lorrane Silva, known as “Pequena Lô” is an influencer who is 24 and has been producing humor content since 2015. The young woman, from Araxá, Minas Gerais, was born with short limbs due to a syndrome that until today has not been identified, but is associated with bone dysplasia. Today, she is 1.3 m tall.

In addition to the crutches, which appear in her videos, she also has a scooter to get around.  Lorrane says that she was always a person who liked to make fun and because of that she started recording videos for her YouTube channel. At first she talked about the prejudice she experienced because of her syndrome. After YouTube came Instagram, in which her videos were successful and she started recording weekly.

Lorena Eltz (@lorenaeltzz)

Content producer, Lorena Eltz is a 20-year-old lesbian who lives with Crohn’s disease. From Rio Grande do Sul, she uses YouTube and social networks to talk about issues that contemplate her, but which are treated as taboo and end up being little discussed  in society. With lightness and sympathy, the young woman fights for more representation and against prejudice when speaking openly about issues such as colostomy, sexuality and self-esteem.

Due to the large number of questions she receives about the sex life of people with colostomy (and the lack of content on the subject), Lorena shares several experiences, desires and learnings as a lesbian and disabled woman. In a constant process of self-knowledge, the content producer inspires and encourages other people to love and discover themselves, to explore their own bodies and the countless possibilities of existing.

Melina Reis (@iaimelreis)

At the age of 17, Melina Reis saw her life change after suffering a severe open leg fracture in a traffic accident. A ballerina since she was a child, she used her first pointe shoe at 13.

During years of treatment after the accident, Melina tried to keep her leg in order not to see her dream of dancing end. But it was only after the amputation and the restart with a prosthesis, developed especially for her, that she started dancing again.

Juliana Santos (@ateliejs)

Without the fingers of one hand, Juliana Santos is a stylist and is successful with the incredible creations of bridal dress. In addition to exposing the work with the studio, she also shows the tasks as mother of Miguel and Perola.

Paola Antonini (@paola_antonini)

With over a million followers, model Paola Antonini shows her routine after suffering a serious car accident in 2014 and needing to amputate her left leg.

On the social network, she posts beautiful photos with the mechanical prosthesis.

And this was our list with 8 girls with disabilities for you to follow on Instagram! Surely there are others, but we cannot put all of them. Did you miss a specific one? Tell us!


The article above was edited by Amanda Ardigó.

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