8 Fashion Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2018

The pieces and accessories that are going to trend in 2018 are already high up here, and the fashionistas on duty can already be tuned in! On the streets, on the catwalks and especially in social networks, we see more and more trends that promise to become the trademarks of 2018. Check out some of these trends:

#1 - Beret

Credits: Dior, Gucci and Chanel catwalks

After the fever of the fanny packs, the beret - a strong accessory in the wardrobe of the 90s and 80s - takes the spotlight and heads of all the fashionistas and several celebrities - Rihanna, Bella Hadid and many others are have already joined the trend.

#2 - Mom Jeans

Credits: Samieze, Man Repeller and Trendencies via Dicas de Mulher 

Also resurfacing with everything recently, one of the icon pieces of the 80s/90s was the mom jeans. The biggest feature of this model is the high waist and straight modeling, that walk side by side to its promises to be the touch of style and nostalgia your look was asking for!

#3 - Deconstructed Blouse

Credits: Pinterest via ObaOba

The traditional tailored blouse gets differentiated and deconstructed airs. Knots in the middle of the waist and shoulders on display are some ways of copying this trend.

#4 - Pink Yarrow

Credits: Balzaquiana

Pantone has already dictated: pink will be the color of 2018’s summer! A super vibrant pink tone, full of joviality and attitude, is the face of the hottest season of the year. For the more discreet ones, accessories are the perfect way to use and abuse of this color! For those who like to dare and love monochromatic looks, doing a mix & match of different textures and fabrics is a great choice!

#5 - Belts

Credits: Très Chic

In this trend, the belts appear on the most varied shapes, colors and proportions. Outlining an oversized look or giving a touch of nostalgia with big buckles, the belts have already taken over fashionista’s productions in recent seasons.

#6 - Earthy Tones

Credits: Trés Chic

The colorful spring/summer collections, taken over by the vibrant Pantone colors, also assume the contrast of earthy tones. With the advantage of being much easier to match than other shades, the neutral pieces on suede and other fabrics gain a lot of potential as one of this year's trends.

#7 - Shoulder Pads

Credits: Très Chic

Straight from the 80's, the shoulder pads return to the catwalks and fashionistas' wardrobes. A statement piece, blazers and tailor-made shirts with buffing sleeves and highlighted shoulders can compose from casual looks to the most fashionable ones. 

#8 - Stripes

Credits: Très Chic

To match earthy shades and your mom jeans, the stripes are one of the most timeless trends. The stripes promise to keep your look casual and, at the same time, classic. It can appear in various shapes and angles, monochromatic or colorful.