Fanny Packs Are Back In Style: Here’s a Guide on How to Wear It

Did nostalgy reach you while watching some fashion shows last season? Or did it come when you, distracted and enjoying your Carnival bloquinhos, spotted such a cheesy and forgotten fashion item on someone’s waist? Yes, we are talking about the fanny packs revival, cause if Kendall Jenner have once worn them, there is definitely a trend alert around it.

If you are too young to remember, fanny packs are small pouches, usually worn around the hips or the waist, perfect for those who don’t need a huge bag to step out of the house and are great fans of the hand-free style. Bum bags were created centuries ago, however, our parents old photos don’t lie, so we know for sure they debuted on the fashion industry not a long time in the past, on the late 80’s decade, becoming a 90’s pop culture symbol.

Drew Barrymore in the 90's. Credits: Getty Images

The waist packs are pretty known synonyms to tacky fashion, associated to stereotyped tourists and bad taste, so why are they back? According to Marina Giustino, fashion designer and Research Coordinator at Renata Abranchs Style Bureau, in Rio de Janeiro, fashion is cyclical and we’ve been watching a 90’s revival now-a-days. “Everything started with the Seapunk, a kitsch aesthetic movement, back in the 2011 with Tumblr users, and after a minimalist trend, now we live the Athleisure wave, with the sportswear as its leading figure, so that’s probably the reason why the fanny packs are back”, says Marina.

When it comes to high fashion, bum bags have been performing a feature role on the catwalk: big maisons introduced them into the Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter shows, showing up on Gucci, Chanel, Alexander Wang collections and, beyond a lot of international brands, they are also on Brazilians Fashion Weeks, just like they did on Juliana Jabour show at SPFW N43, that happened last month.

From left to right: Juliana Jabour at SPFW N43 and Chanel at 2016 Summer Haute Couture PFW. Credits: Fotosite

A curious fact: on the catwalk, the pouches settle the outfits doesn’t matter the season. At first, we might think they perfectly fit with the summer vibes: easy to carry, funny and colourful, so the fanny packs fever during last Carnival, in Brazil, could be justified while we forget the accessory as autumn days come by. However, as Marina told us, they are not going to be left behind with the sweater weather. “Carnival is over, but the cool people won’t forget the fanny packs, especially to go out at night. They’re extremely practical, so when you’re at a party or a concert, you don’t have to worry about carrying a bag all night long. Also, you have free-arms to dance as much as you want, isn’t it wonderful?”.

So, are you ready to wear the controversial item? Marina explained to us that the most likely users of bum bags are the youngest and funniest ones. If you fit the description and are dying to find eccentric designs and ways to wear, walk around some stores and find from the traditional leather bags to the most amusing types: metalized, with a futuristic touch, colorful and full of patches, bringing two revivals together. There is a huge diversity of pattern options, but also, many ways to wear the waist pack, and here we let you know some of them.

How to wear?

  • Around the hips

Credits: The Every Body Project

The most traditional way of wearing a fanny pack, adjust them around your hips and make your parents remember what was it like to live on the 90’s.

  • Around the waist

Credits: Hanneli Mustaparta

Regulate your bag around the waist and create a even more fashion way to wear it.

  • As a crossbody/shoulder bag

Credits: Tommy Ton

Drap the pouch across your body, from one shoulder, and you have a total new way of wearing it! Although you’re far away from the traditional waist pack usage, your hands are still free and the phone-money-keys kit is right below your eyes.

Where to buy?

Credits: Polyvore

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