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7 Body Positive Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Loving our own body is very important to our happiness, but the journey can be long and difficult. This process is known as “Body Positivity”, which preaches self-acceptance and the feeling of caring and generosity with ourselves.

Everyday, we are imposed on “perfect” bodies that can further damage our self-esteem. That’s why Her Campus has selected some non-standard influencers who give a self-esteem lesson to inspire you. Enjoy it!

1. Isabella Trad (@todebells)

Image Source: Instagram/todebells

The plus size model can enchant with the beautiful clicks and full of self-esteem. She already has more than 90 thousands of followers in the social network.

In addition, Isabella always posts texts speaking of self-love. “We forget that self-love is not about success and fulfillment, but about liking yourself simply because you are you,” she wrote in one of her posts. Great inspiration!

2. Alexandra Gurgel (@alexandrismos)

Image Source: Instagram/alexandrismos

She is a youtuber, journalist, writer and advocates that loving our own body is a revolutionary act. In her social networks, she speaks of self-acceptance, self-esteem, mental health, relationships, among other subjects.

Alexandra even wrote a book called “Stop Hating Yourself”, which might be a good start for anyone who is still seeking self-acceptance.

3. Thais Carla (@thaiiscarlaoficial)

Image Source: Instagram/thaiiscarlaoficial

Thais is a dancer and always rocks in the dance steps. With her photos and videos, she proves that everyone can be and do whatever they want, no matter what body they have.

She has worked with Anitta, performed on some TV shows and has more than 300 thousands of followers on Instagram.

4. Caio Revela (@caiorevela)

Image Source: Instagram/caiorevela

On the contrary of what many people think, men also suffer from some standards imposed by society and Caio wants to shows that in his Instagram account.

The message he wants to pass on to his followers is that all people are beautiful just because of who they are. Believe it!

5. Mel Soares (@relaxaaifofa)

Image Source: Instagram/relaxaaifofa

In her Instagram profile, Mel defines herself as an “influencer of self-love” and tries to show that all kinds of bodies and ethnicities are beautiful and worthy of admiration.

6. Juliana Romano (@ju_romano)

Image Source: Instagram/ju_romano

In her Instagram account, Ju Romano talks about many body positivity related subjects: self-love, self-acceptance, self-esteem and happiness. She also can show with her photos that all bodies are beautiful, regardless any beauty standard.

7. Luiza Junqueira (@luizajunquerida)

Image Source: Instagram/luizajunquerida

As an Instagram influencer and youtuber, Luiza posts beautiful photos to show how confident she is in her skin, but also confesses that it’s really difficult to achieve self-love, precisely when we are imposed on thousands of perfect bodies on social media.

With her texts and posts, she tries to show that it’s okay for you to be just the way you are. It’s a great inspiration!

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