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5 Ways To Enjoy Summer Being Safe During The Pandemic

Summer is coming and we’re living in a pandemic, even though things are a little bit different from the beginning, the Coronavirus pandemic is still not over. But you don’t need to worry about enjoying your vacations. You can have a good summer even with all cautions.

Even if your initial vacation planning is changed, it’s still possible to have fun at home being safe. There are a lot of things you can do to have an amazing summer.

So, if you’re trying to finds some ways to have fun and be safe at the same time, here are some ideas for you to try:  

Catching up on the series

If you’re a tv show maniac, it’s time to catch up. You finally have the time now, so don’t waste it. Remember all of the shows you wanted to watch instead of studying. If you get organized, you can marathon your list and re-assist the old ones.
Why not try? You can also watch all of the classics: movies and tv shows.

Practice exercises

We know we know. Exercises are usually not the most attractive activity. But we can always make it fun. You can put on some music, call your friends and enjoy. It doesn’t need to be super crazy, just move your body, it will do you some good. 
Also, we still advise sports at home because of the production of pleasure hormones.

Growing plants

If you wanna try a new (and fresh) hobbie, you should try to cultivate plants. It’s a
good alternative to keep your mental health, learn something new and refresh your
Home. They are amazing companies, especially now, during quarantine. It is amazing to watch them grow and you will always want to check up on them. The feeling is great and they are an amazing way to decorate your room.

Flavor the house

Another good request is to flavor your house with summer scents. Don’t use sprays
because of the intense smell, prioritize aromatic candles and incense. Some tips
of scents are citric fruits and flowers like daisies, lavenders and roses. Another idea is to make your own candles with old candles and glass containers. 

Find a space to relax

At quarantine, you need to divide your home spaces, so, find a room to relax and
spend your time the way you prefer. Some people love to sunbathe on the balcony
while reading books, and others prefer to relax layed on bed while listening to music.
You just need to find a space to enjoy! Maybe it is an amazing idea to try some yoga and meditation, what do you think? 


The article above was edited by Thays Avila.

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