5 Travel Instagram Profiles to Inspire your Next Vacation

While you're still losing your mind to get everything done on college, December is coming and the last month of the year always arrives with great news: vacations are coming! There are two holidays on December, two in January and two entire months away from college. Then maybe you can think about catching the next plane to some paradise destination, so you can enjoy summer. Or even make that dream trip to the snowy eastern Europe come true. Who knows?

If you're excited with this possibility but there's still some inspiration missing, Her Campus selected five amazing travel Instagram profiles so you can dream even bigger with your airport desires. But we know some of us will be working or saving some money during the next two months. If this is your reality, don't close this article! We can bet these accounts will be such a fuel for you: from now on, every money you spend on trivial stuff will be rethought. Won't it look better on your savings account? 

1. lisahomsy 

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico | Credits: instagram/lisahomsy

Lisa Homsy is a canadian travel and lifestyle blogger who will carry you to the most amazing beach destinations you might be able to imagine. With amazing pics, she has already visited tons of places with her friends, and trust me, you're gonna want to try all of her photos with your friends too.

Mykonos, Greece | Credits: instagram/lisahomsy

Now tell me, don't you feel tempted to catch the next flight on its way to Greece?

2. anna.laura

Isla Saona, Dominican Republic | Credits: instagram/anna.laura

Anna Laura is a brazilian travel blogger who has already been interview for our chapter here in Her Campus! She's a journalist that decided, with a friend, that they should create a travel blog, called Carpe Mundi. Now, Anna goes into adventures with a very eclectic style: she's already been to Etyopya, Philippines and Dominican Republic, for some examples. Spoiler: Anna is also a photographer and, after visiting her Instagram, you're surely gonna run to the 3rd floor from Cásper looking for a camera.

Fortaleza Canyo, Cambará do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul | Credits: instagram/anna.laura 

If you're not really looking for an international experience right now, Anna's got amazing tips about Brazil, too! Or you're gonna say this pic from Rio Grande do Sul isn't tempting?

3. allybmartin

Chiang Mai, Thailand | Credits: instagram.com/allybmartin

Alexandra Martin might not have so many followers as the previous two ones, but her pics are as awesome as they could be! She works for We Roam, a "travel while working" program that curates trips. How amazing is it? So, she goes to the most incredible places, from Vietnam to Spain, and records everything on her Instagram account. 

New York | Credits: instagram.com/allybmartin

Yes, we know you're about to look for opportunities on her work.

4. finduslost

Amsterdam | Credits: instagram/finduslost

Crazy about couple travelling? Then you're on the right place! Selena and Jacob travel around the world as a living and their job is to make us feel like we are doing the relationship wrong without all those pics. Just a joke. The couple is together since 2012 and now they keep a blog about their adventures on the globe. Trust us, Selena and Jacob are a great inspiration for the ones that dream about a romantic travel lifestyle.

Punta Cana | Credits: instagram.com/finduslost

Even Caribe has won such a new meaning after their pics, don't you think?

5. aboutmytrips

Blausee, Switzerland | Credits: instagram/aboutmytrips

Carol is another brazilian traveler with an amazing Instagram feed. Not like the other ones, Carol doesn't work with travel. She has a regular job in Rio and, from time to time, goes on an adventure with her husband, also crazy about exploring the world. On her profile, she shares not only where she is in real time. Carol also writes about places she's visited before creating her travel profile, what makes it even more incredible. 

Lençóis Maranhenses | Credits: instagram.com/aboutmytrips

Just like Anna, she makes it possible for us to get to know more about our own country.

Feeling like your credit card is about to be used? Because that's the exact impression around here.