Talking Career: More Than a Traveler, Anna Laura is a Professional Tourist

Let me guess: the biggest dream of your life is to be a travel journalist, right? Wanna met the world, find out a lot of nice places and so on. That’s nice. But, I’m also right sayin’ that you have no idea of how to make this dream come true? I mean, if it’s so easy making money with tourism, everyone would do this job.

Well... Not necessarily. Actually, it’s a hard work, takes a lot of time and you must love what you do, but yeah, it’s not too far to get. All you need is to know what you want and don’t give up — even when the problems shows their faces.

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We talked with Anna Laura Wolff, a journalist that makes her life between planes. “I went to Paris for a interchange some time ago cause I wanted to be a international correspondent, so I was studying for it”. But after a while she realized it wasn’t what she expected: it would be a full time job, which would require a lot of effort without necessarily having an equal payback. Despite this, after this time in France, her travel love only increased. And it was shortly after the opportunity arose to follow the area of tourism journalism.

Wolff worked at CARAS online, Viagem e Turismo magazine, and now she has a blog with Betina Neves, Carpe Mundi. They write about really cool places they travel to, giving types, sharing itineraries, lodging and menus. "We wouldn’t fail to make a trip just thinking about the profitability of the material. We also have many partnerships with brands, so we first know the place, and then we produce the content."

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Besides Portuguese, Anna can also speak English, French and Spanish. According to her, the issue of language has never been a problem, and even with just English it is possible to have a good work experience around the world.

Moreover, she is also a famous instagrammer now, and instead of just posting beautiful photos, she opened a course to help companies and people to design of their own feeds. “I have learned these techniques by myself. Nowadays, having an attractive feed is important to anyone who announces their work through the Instagram platform as a way of showing professionalism”, says Wolff, who has more than 170 thousand followers.

For her, what is more important is knowing what your dream is. "If you want to be a travel journalist, it's necessary to do workshops on the subject, read a lot and know good references." Wolff says that having a portfolio with travel texts helps a lot: "Make a blog, write about the places you met. Get to know the style and try to get yourself involved in magazines or websites focused on it”.

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