5 Tips To Keep In Mind If You Wanna Go Vegan

I’ve been a vegetarian for three years now, and the very reason why I am writing these tips for you today is to clear up some doubts that you may have when choosing to become a vegetarian or a vegan. Being a vegetarian or a vegan is more than just choosing a new diet: you have to be aware that this choice will eventually change your entire lifestyle.

First of all, this is a very, strongly, deeply personal choice, and it cannot be made to follow a trend or just because someone you love has chosen to become veggie. Going vegetarian or vegan depends on the way you are connected to the world and how your body, soul and mind have been answering to the meat diet you have taken your entire life.

In my experience, it was a strong and definite change. I was beginning to practice yoga and studying Buddhism when a sudden idea came to my mind: because of this thought I stopped eating meat in the afternoon of that same day. Actually, I stopped eating every kind of animal meat on that day, and after three months I went vegan, but it has lasted just a month, because my social life just could not keep up with veganism. However, becoming one is still my target.

Let’s go to the tips! 

1. Find a Purpose

As said before, it will be easier for you if you simply understand why are you wanting to go vegan. The very reason why I am insisting on it is because sometimes it gets hard to understand why are you doing this. But, when you have a good and a strong purpose in your mind, these “doubt moments” soon go away.

2. Take your time!

You have to understand that it is a long path, and it is not recommended to change your entire food habits from day to night as your body is used to that diet during your lifetime. It does not matter how strongly you believe that the vegetarian diet is healthier: changing your diet abruptly could lead to some healthy problems, whether in your body or in your mid. Try not eating red meat in the first month, then take off the chicken and slowly the sea food. After that, go on, and try not eating any animal based products: in a couple of months you may have become a vegan! It's always recommended to make an appointment with an nutritionist, too.

3. Learn how to cook!

Becoming a vegan is also a moment when you get to be connected to what you are putting inside your body. There is a reason why you chose to go vegan and therefore, you are already thinking about what you eat. So, learn how to cook! Separate a couple of hours of your routine and go to the kitchen, search for some vegan receipts and put yourself to work! You will find it very comfortable to eat your own cruelty free food.

That is also a super motivation to go on with your new diet and a lot more affordable since the vegan “ready to serve” foods tent to be more expensive than the non-vegans. This is also a very good way to inspire people in your house (if they are non-vegans) to become too or to simply lose their prejudice.

4. Understand your new diet

Now listen up, because this one is important! You do not even need to be a vegan to pay attention on this: if you simply have become a vegetarian and are not eating any kind of meat anymore, than you have to understand that it does not matter how much you hate animal meat, they are a unique source of minerals, vitamins and other nutriments  that are vital to our lives.

Keep Calm! I am not telling that a vegan or vegetarian diet is not capable to provide you the exact same things, but it will require you more discipline and attention to get all of them as they are not reunited in a single portion such  as a piece of meat.  You can not live without fruits, vegetables, seeds and beans anymore! Go healthy not just vegan!

5. Do not force people into becoming a vegan, inspire them!

The last tip is also very important, not exactly for your transition but for the good maintenance of your good relations with the people you love. To understand the complexity of the process you have been through and do not force anyone to choose the same things you have chosen. Be kind and inspire them to take the same measures you did.